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                Privacy, Respect, things that sometimes we take for granted, are the things that I'm being scared not to have anymore while I'm being drag in to a room that seem more like a prison. He's looking at me while I’m on the floor, I try to scream for help but he's just watching me probably thinking what to do with me. He takes me by my hair saying "Ok, we are going to have some rules now, first you don't have any rights, as you've seen no one can hear you, you must always do what ever I say and your name is not Angela anymore it's Slut, you must address me always as Daddy, it's that clear?" "Fuck you asshole, who do you think I am?" "Who you are? It's what you are, you are my property, inferior being, my sextoy, my slave, a fuck doll, my slut" He takes a little dog collar with the name tag 'SLUT' and puts it on my neck, he starts choking me with it. "It's that clear?" I don't answer "It's that clear Slut?" " Daddy" "Good, now I’m going to show you y our duties as Slut" he grabs a dog leash and attached it to the collar "Crawl Slut" He takes me to the end of the room where there's a big king size bed "Don't think this is where you'll sleep, no think of it as your new office, the place in which I'll use you" he takes me to the next room, the room is all pink like taken out of a Barbie dream house everything in the room is also pink, It's been design to ridiculize femininity, there's a toilet, closet, shower, a makeup table and near the toilet there are 2 dog bowls one that says food and the other says water, on the wall there's a hole with bars, "Ok this is the room you'll use to fulfill your needs as a whore, you can call it bedroom... better call it Slutroom, your life from now on will consist in these 2 room the bedroom and the slutroom" "No way I'm going to......" he pulls the leash really hard" "Got anything complains Slut?" ".....No" he pulls it harder "No what?" "No Daddy" "Ok you see these?" he point at the bowls near the toilet "You will be feed water and fruits with your hand tied to your back, so you can eat like you deserve, like an animal, you can only use your mouth, when you've proved you will not use your hand, tying them will no longer be necessary, fruits will be cut up to make it easier for you to eat, next to that is the toilet, the shower, the closet where your clothes are, and the makeup table with all the things you'll need to look pretty for me, on the right drawer there's a book that tells you what clothes to wear and what kind of makeup to use, also there’s a bottle of baby oil you might want to use sometimes on your cunt and ass" "No... Please....Daddy not my behind" "YOUR ASS!!! The only words you are allowed to use to name your genitals are ass, cunt, tits or fuckholes, and believe me they will be holes ... big holes Slut" he removes the leash and sits in the toilet "Now Dance Slut" I Start to dance really embarrassed "Stripdance you idiot" I'm all shaken, I've never dance to no one especially to pig like this, I remove my pant, I decide to do strip really fast to stop my humiliation, I take my shirt off "Take it all off baby" I take my bra off, I'm really embarrassed about a stranger seeing me naked "Oh .. Little horny Slut is shy, after a few day you'll get used to being a sexdoll, now take your panties OFF!! I want to see your fuckholes" so I take them off real fast frighten of what this madman can do to me if I don’t “You call that dancing? You will need to be trained to dance better, you have 5 minutes to use the toilet and another 5 to shave those pubic hairs, I want you to be bald... like a little girl, then you have 5 minutes to shower yourself, this timer will tell you when your time is up, after your time is up you'll sit next to the bars at the wall, ... remember I'll be watching you" he pick up the timer and set it at 15 minutes then he leaves the room, I hurry to the toilet and while I'm at it I begin to wonder how I get here? What’s going to happen to me? Will I ever be free again? "BBBBBBUUUUUZZZZZZ" the timer ...I have to move to the makeup table and pick up the wax to shave myself... It's really painful to do it really quick "BBBBBBUUUUUZZZZZZ" hopefully I finished in time now I move quickly to the shower and begin to think why did he say he will be watching me and then leaves the room, maybe he's got cameras watching my every move, then the timer rings, since I don't see him I decide to stay a while longer, I get out of the shower and go directly to the wall, he walk in "It seems you used more time that the one I gave you, you must learn to hurry up, If I tell you that you must shower in 1 minute, you shower in a minute, I must punish you ... you'll have no meal today" "Please... Daddy" "You get what you deserve" My suspicions were right he is taping me all the time, he pushes a button and the bars go up and Light go on inside the opening, he tells me to crawl down there as I begin to enter I can see that It's a small room that I can only hang in there if I crawl, the room is made out of rubber, as I start to get in I feel him rubbing his shoe on my vagina and says "STOP!!!, lick my shoe Slut" then he shoves his shoe to my face, I'm disgusted of the taste of my own juices especially from a shoe "Now!!" so I begin to lick, after a while he says "I think you liked tasting your cunt... but get of my shoe Slut!" I know he says this thing to humiliate me... I try not to listen to it, but it's impossible ... it's working, I'm feeling degraded already "Can I please wear something to sleep Daddy" "Of course not, anyway your are no going to get any sleep today, you have to study, ... get in Slut" the bars close, I can feel the rubber on my skin, it's a lusty feeling, then one of the walls turn on, it's a TV inserted in the wall I hear his voice "I hope you like your new home, you'll call this place home, Since you're an awful dancer you're gonna watch these movies, the first one is called 'How to Improve your Stripping' the next one 'Cocksucking Bitches' and 'Gang Bang Girl in Heat'  these are movies to make you the unresisting sexdoll I want you to be...." suddenly I feel a shock in my body "The whole room is wired, if you take a nap I will turn it on for a while... goodnight Slut" a moment passes then a shock come through my body "Goodnight Slut!" "Goodnight Daddy" "I hope you look forward of me fucking your brains out" "...." then the light go off and the TV starts to show the movies, the first one was about dancing tips, telling how to move, how to take off your clothes, How to approach the person or people that are watching the stripper, the other was on now.... "Learning anything Slut?" I have to give a quick answer "Yes Daddy" as a matter of fact I found it really disgusting the whole idea to use your mouth in the place where someone pisses is gross "Good, remember to use your tongue a lot, I love tongue action, and take special notes about using no hands" like if I was really learning something from these movies, the other one didn't even try to aim for any teachings it was plain obscene a woman taking a bunch of guys for their pleasure it is degrading to her... "You think that bitch is getting fucked... you really don't know the things you'll be doing, believe me you wouldn't wanna know Slut.... But I think your going to like it, are you Slut?" "Yes Daddy I'll enjoy doing these things for you" now I'm scared... the thing I've seen these last hour are thing I've never dreamt doing... and he says I'm going to do far worst thing... I just can imagine what he's up to... "Ok Slut It's sleeping time....for me, and I know you're not sleepy, you're just horny, so I'll put nonstop porn all night, I've set the shock to every 15 minutes just incase you get tire, ok Slut?" "Thank you Daddy" "Wish me goodnight Slut" "Goodnight Daddy" I think I'm going to go mad, watch porno movies all night with no sleep that will sure drive anyone crazy....


I'm really tired I've spend more than 12 hour watching nothing than sex, all kind of sex, girl taking it up back, oral sex, the front and back at the same time and even a girl fucking 3 guys at the same time. "Good morning Slut" "Good morning Daddy" "Did you have a fun night" "Yes Daddy...thank you" "I knew you were going to enjoy those films, are you ready to do those thing to me?" "" "Good now I'm going to open the door of your home so you can stretch out, you may also use the toilet" the door opens, thank god I'm out that place I get out and stretch myself, I head right in to the toilet, I've waited so long to go the bathroom, suddenly he walk in "Ok Slut come over here" I think about to over power me and get the hell out, but I know he's much stronger than me, and especially I can't since I'm to tired from last night "Come here" What choices do I have? So I go to him, he grab my arms and turns me around and puts a handcuff on my hands "Ok now you're probably hungry so I'm going to feed you, get on your knees" He goes to the other room and bring the dog bowls and puts it near the toilet "Eat now Slut" I try to stand up "Don't even think about standing" so I try to go to the bowl by dragging on the floor, It's very humiliating, but I'm hungry so you don't really think about self respect when you're hungry, finally I get next to the bowls I get on my knees to start eating and drinking water, I get closer to take a bite I try to be real careful not to spill nothing on my face or body then he put his shoe on the back of my head making me brush my meal with my face, and to think I tried to careful "I'll help you take a big bite Slut" he start to laugh, then he removes his feet he sat in a chair facing my ass, making comment on how big it is, and how he's going to make my asshole wider, when I empty my plates he unlocks the cuffs and tell me to shower and open page 3 on the book and to be ready in an hour in the bedroom and not to forget using baby oil on you, I tried to take a small shower because I don't know what he's going to make me wear, I open the page and It told me to use at the top of the page it said hooker #2 , so before getting dress I applied baby oil in my vagina and ass, I'm certainly no virgin but I've never been fucked in the ass, it always scared me, after that I hurry up and got dress. I looked like a hooker I had 2 pigtails on my head, then the small white satin shirt that fit just below my breast, blue silk panties, a tight yellow latex miniskirt that showed the tip on the panties, a white garter belt and matching white stockings, yellow needle headed high heel that made it difficult to walk. I still had to apply makeup, I was already guessing that it was going to be something that matches the outfit, It was basically strong red lipsticks, green eye shadow... stuff like that, the hour was almost finished so I went to the bedroom and sat down shyly on the corner of the bed, I look like a hooker waiting for a client. The timer rings... he enter the room he stand up right next to me and tells me to stand up, I did, he put his hands on my ass and squeeze it he puts on hand in my pussy and moves the panty aside, and puts a finger inside me, then put it on my lip and command me to suck it, again I have no choice but do what he says, "I see you really got into sucking slut? I bet you just what to suck my cock don't you?" "Please... Daddy let me suck your cock please" "I you want it beg! Slut" "Please feed this horny Slut with your hard cock Daddy, she need's it.....Please" Like he didn't know I was acting on pure fear "Remove my clothes Slut... use your mouth with my pants" I bend down and slowly started to pull his zipper down, then a big thing hit me in my face, it was his cock, I slowly undid his button and remove his pants, he wasn't wearing any underwear, "Suck Slut", I'm right in front of his cock, I start to put my lips on the tip and he just took my head and moved it towards him, "Tongue.. Bitch... use your tongue..." he was literally fucking my head, he was not being careful with me he was using me for pleasure, His penis was getting warmer and harder, It was shining for all my saliva, Then I felt a hot stream filling my mouth, passing trough my throat and poring itself in my stomach, it was very disgusting taste, "You like it bitch? You better get used to this taste, you'll be sucking every thing I want, now clean it all Slut, stop when I tell you" He made me suck his semi-erect penis, I wanted to throw up, he made me lick it until it got hard again, he removed his clothes and grabbed me he pushed me close, I could feel his penis pocking me, he started to massage my ass, he moved my T-shirt on top of my breast and began licking them, then pushed his face in the middle and began sucking them really hard, "move your panties aside" I didn't move, he put a nipple in his teeth and looked at me, I didn't want to get hurt so I moved them "I like how your ass feels in latex whore, put your legs around me" so I did, and all of the sudden he pushes me to the floor "You horny animal!! If you want me rape you take off the skirt and panties and lay on the bed with your legs open" then he gets on top of me and violently pushed his penis inside me, he fucked me hard, "moan and scream as if you like it.... Massage your tits... tell me you like being rape...NOW!!!" "Daddy...please.. rape me hard ...MMnnnmnm...Oohhohohhooh..MMnn... harder..." "talk dirty to me" "Please push your cock in my cunt... use me... rape me.. oohhohoo...ahahahha... mnmnmnmnm....fuck my brains out please... stick it inside me harder....I'm so hot....use me...rape me...harder....." .... He cums.. I could get pregnant "good work Slut!" "Thank you Daddy" "Clean my cock" again he makes me lick all of his cum of his penis "Did you come Slut? ... tell me the truth" " Daddy" "Good... you don't deserve to experience pleasure, you can only give it, of course there will be time you'll come.. but you will not enjoy them either, head to the slutroom and clean yourself, and come and sit in the bed and masturbate while you wait for me.." "Yes Daddy" I got to the other room and took a shower and went to the bedroom and waited, I knew he was watching so I had to follow his commands, an hour passed, my hands were tired, of course I didn't masturbate, I just touched myself, he comes in.. "Good job... you've earned a full night sleep, ... you may leave... but tell me what you have to do?" "I have to use the toilet and take a shower and wait for you in the wall" "you fucking stupid bimbo... haven't you learned any names? I thought even any worthless sex toy like you could've learned them" "I have to go to the slutroom use the toilet, take a shower, put my clothes were they belong and wait for my Daddy right outside my bedroom" "satisfactory slut, you forgot to say what you are.. but now get going" so I did... then he came in and attached the dog leash in my collar, "follow me.. I was taught to water my pets.. walk", so I began to crawl right next to him "you bitch! you really like crawling on your four legs!!.. I said walk! do you understand?" so I got up and follow him to the toilet.. he sat on it "now get on your four legs and drink" then he pushed hard and threw the baby oil bottle on me "lotion your body with it bitch" as soon I was finished he took me to my bedroom, the door closed, the rubber room had a funny sensation on my body full of baby oil, the TV goes on "Since you don't know yet what you are, you are going to make obscene scenes in which you state your name and say what you are and invite me to do something to you... I want you to touch the part of your body you're inviting me and show it to the camera.. since you can't see the camera there is one in the TV.... I want you to invite me to all of your fuckholes Slut.. if I see you're doing a good job, I'll let you sleep" the TV went off and light came on, I didn't know what to do.. then the shock came... "NOW!!!" "Hello.. my name is Angela..." a bigger shock came.. "that's not your name, or is it?" "Hello my name is Slut.. I'm a sex toy... and I want you Daddy to fuck my little cunt really hard....Uhhhuu" "always lick your finger... do that one again.. then wait for 5 second and start another one" "Hi! my name is Slut, I'm a sex toy, and I want you Daddy to fuck my little cunt really hard....Uhhhuu  (CHUP)" "You can read this to help you" "Hi! my name is Slut I'm a hooker and I want you Daddy to tear my ass apart....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! I'm Slut, I am a cunt and I want you Daddy to rape my ass....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! my name is Slut I am a sex slave and I want you Daddy to use my little fuckhole....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! I'm Slut I am a bitch and I want you Daddy to cum in my mouth....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! my name is Slut I'm a fuckdoll and I want you Daddy to use my little cunt....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! I'm Slut  I'm an inferior being and I want you Daddy to break my asshole apart....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! my name is Slut I am a horny slut and I want you Daddy to tear my cunt apart....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! I'm Slut I am a horny little girl and I want you Daddy to fuck my fuckhole....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! my name is Slut I'm a whore and I want you Daddy to break my ass apart....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "Hi! I'm Slut I am a walking fuckhole and I want you Daddy to fill your yummy cock in my mouth....Uhhhuu (CHUP)" "That's enough Slut, you can rest now you have an important date tomorrow" "goodnight Daddy" I was really clueless of what he made me do, after all he didn't need any video stimulation, he could just use me, I just didn't get it.


The next day... I think, he open the door and allowed me to drink some water, after I drank I began to feel dizzy, I was About to passed out. "you poor thing.. believe me it’s for your own good" he had placed some sort of tranquilizer on the water. Then I passed out, then carried me to the trunk of his car, he placed me there and then took off. We arrived to a clinic, it was somewhere around 3 in the morning, so not many people would see him carry my unconscious body inside. He placed me in a handicap chair and took me to the operation room, there where some doctor there. They where ready to operate. He hangs the chief doctor a big fat envelope with lot of money in it. "Is it all ready?" "Yes it is sir.. where all here, and set to go" "good.. begin please, I can't wait to see the results". Then he went outside and waited...


Two hours passed then the head doctor came out "It's all set, she's ready to go now. She is going to be up in about half an hour. But remember she is very weak now, and can't be disturbed. She will be good as new in 2 more day" "You mean better that new" they laughed "Doctor, please give her something to sleep more. I don't want her to know what happed to her, until it's all ok." "Wise choice... put this thing by her nose for about 10 second every 8 hour, and she won't trouble you at all" "thanks ... I don't know how to repay you" "You have sir" and he showed him the envelope. Then they laughed...


Three days passed and I began to wake up, My head really hurt. This was probably my biggest head ached of my life, I looked around, still part numb for all the sleep I began to notice I was in the fucking room, as I began to come around, my breast, pussy and ass hurt... I tried to stand up, but then soon fell from the weigh of my breast. !!He had me a BREAST IMPLANT.. they where huge.. I couldn't even see my feet from the size of them, "good that you woke up bitch, do you like your new body?... It oughta give you that final slut look you needed" "You ASSHOLE!!!! Fuck you!!!" Then came a big headache "Id watch my language if I were you... since now you have a device in your head that when I push this button" he showed me a remote control "you'll begin to experience big headaches" "why does my vag.... cunt and ass hurt Daddy?" "It's so good that you notice that, first of all you don't have to worry about ever having a baby... you just don't have what it take to be mother" that was low..."And your ass... well you might want to look at it by yourself in the mirror..." I tried to get out of bed, but the weight was too much, so I had to carried my breast with my own hands... he was enjoying it all the way at how ridiculous I looked I turn my self from the mirror and the word 'SLUT' tattooed on my right ass side, I began to shred some tears...."I'll give the afternoon to get used to your new might want to practice walking on heels" I walked on to the closet and my tits swung back. It really hurt. "That's just so beautiful... I love it. Use a bra If they hurt too much..."I spend the whole afternoon walking for one side to the other on my feet, I lost balance a couple of times and fell... then with some high heels, I fell a lot more.... Later crawling.. I found out that when I was crawling it was much easier letting them fall in the ground and just start to drag them....I was really exhausted, when I sat down my ass sting a little from the tattoo, He came in..."I made this little book, in witch contains your duties and chores, when I'm not using you of course" he threw it at the floor, I picked it up with my mouth, guessing that it would please him, and by this he would stop humiliating me today "read it, learn it since it will be your life" he then pointed at my bedroom, that meant I had to go back and crawl inside. While I was about to enter, he stepped my back, I was very ridiculous how my body bounced up and how my breast where pressed into the ground. He just laughed... looking at his new toy, with new improvements. "you're not allowed to go to sleep until you've learned it all.. goodnight my pet" "goodnight Daddy" then he let me go in.


When I was inside I looked at the book's cover, It said 'My daily chores', the next page began like this

01- I must never talk, unless I'm ask or to arouse someone or something. I can only moan and giggle.

02- My sole purpose in life is to fuck, suck, lick and provide pleasure, not receive it.

03- I must always make a complete degraded slut out of myself.

04- I will never do something to damage my body, however, a big fat cock in my ass may hurt but It's         not consider damage.

05- I am required to keep my self physically, my daily workout consist in aerobics, cocksucking, and             masturbation.

06- I must at least tan for an hour, to keep my golden tan, masturbation during this time is encourage, I        must tan fully naked, so my body gets no bikini line. the only thing I should be wearing is      tanning             oil all over my body. This should be a good time to catch up on my reading to.

07- When ever my mouth is not busy suck or licking, I should be chewing at least two pieces of bubble       gum, the purpose of this is enhance the stereotype of being the typical blonde, airheaded,

big-titted dumb bimbo, and to work out my cocksucking mouth.

08- Like the fuckhole that I am, I must keep myself mentally able to perform any fantasy I am required      to  do, this means in my free time watch X-rated movies, reading adult magazines and sex stories          and study adult pictures, so I can have constantly fresh ideas on how to carry my duties. I am also           required to regularly review my own personal movies, to make myself a better slut.

09- I must never, ever refuse to perform any action, regarding how degrading or humiliating I find it.

10- I must never let any sperm unwasted, I must always lick and suck, until there are no traces or visible     sperm.

11- If I'm allowed to go to the streets, I must voluntary give at least two blowjob to any stranger I may         chose.

12- I should always be dress up like the cheap whore that I am, unless I'm required to be naked.

13- All my dresses should be tight and revealing, so my huge tits are plainly visible and in danger of            falling out when I bend over (as a request to present my ass for pinching or to get fucked doggie           style).

14- Skirts and dresses should be short enough to ensure that my tanned ass is revealed under the same         conditions (as a request to present my ass for pinching or to get fucked doggie style).

15- Garters and hoses, when worn, should be slutty in appearance.

16- Footwear Should be also slutty in nature. High heels should be a minimum of 4 inches.

17- I must Makeup heavily, lipstick should be reapplied after each blowjob.

18- I must eye makeup should be applied generously, and should be reapplied if necessary.

19- My nails should be always painted in a slutty way, just like all makeup.

20- If I use perfume it must always be a cheap sweet smell, the smell that I deserve for my inferior condition

21- Like everything else, jewelry should make me look like the horny tramp that I am.

22- When my Daddy let's me watch him eat or let's me eat with him, I must sit on my pillow, right next        to his feet, like his faithful bitch.

23- I must always try to have a lust expression on my face, even when there is no one looking.

24- I must to smile at men and make sure that you occasionally glance down at their crotch and when I do, lick my lips, as if in anticipation of getting my, mouth, hands, pussy and ass on what I see

25- I must also keep eye contact with the man while I’m sucking his cock, so once you get their cock into my             mouth, look up at them and don't stop looking at them until they let their deflated and cleaned off   cock out of my mouth. Even while they are cuming in my mouth, I must keep  eye contact up.


26- I should have an enema every morning, and afternoon. This is so things don't get messy when I'm getting my ass filled. Also so I won't get any foul taste when I'm cleaning the cock that was using me, I should the apply perfume so it smells good to my invader.


It was horrible, I don't think I could ever be able to do this things, I would rather do anything else before all of this.. well except die, if I only had the guts to, of course he knew this that's why he forced me all of this thing. But could I mentally be able to take all of this? I think that if I don't go crazy first Ill get used to this... I hope that day never comes...that day he will win, I would be a real slut, not the forced slut that I am now, I would have no conscience of what's decent or not... It would turn me in to him lifetime whore. But right now I had no choice... I really haven't had any choices these days.. and I don't expect to have either, so I began to 'study' was more really the basic rules that we... I mean you have in life, going to school when you are little, getting a job, have friends, start a family... things Ill never have again. Reading this book was more like reading an oracle, reading of how my life will be in the next days of my life. When I finished 'studying' I try to go to sleep, I usually sleep facing down, I tried to, but it was really uncomfortable, my breast got squeezed and I kept falling to one side... the only right way for me to sleep was on my back, It's really hard forcing you're self sleeping in a way you've never slept before, he even forced me that... he really had complete control on my body... I have to try really hard not to him give control of my mind.


"Wake up bitch!" "good morning Daddy" "ok .. you can get out and prepare yourself... I think It won't be necessary to tie your hand to eat, right? " "yes Daddy " "now.. please I want to hear your name...and tell me what you are" "My name is Slut... I'm I Such a cheap slut.. I belong to you .. my Daddy.." "Good.. now hurry up! you have 45 minutes" I tried to be as quick as possible, when I open the page it say 'Schoolgirl' a red tartan skirt, a white blouse, white panties, red lace on neck and white socks, a lot of makeup.. and two pig tails.. When I went to get my clothes the panties where really, really small, they where skin tight and you could see my pussy line drawed by them, the skirt was barely covering the panties, the white sox to the knee, when I put on the blouse I felt unconformable because my breast where literally about to pop out, you could see the perfectly molded to the blouse, the makeup was the usual, heavy makeup that make me look cheap and the pigtails where just to give me an innocent look, an kind of baby look. When I was done with myself I waited on the toilet. As soon as he arrived he told me "Ok, I see we have a little schoolgirl here, I know you're studying really hard to be a good slut, so now you're going to take a test on cocksucking... follow me" the dildo had a suction base so it could attached to anything, he place it on the head of the bed "Start sucking.. and don't stop until I tell you" I jumped to the bed and stared sucking, thank god I had the blouse was tight, it was almost like wearing a bra, I could only imagine the torture of letting them just hang out, but still my back hurt a lot. He lifted my skirt and placed it on my back to get a good view on my ass, like if he needed to do that to see it, he had a full view of it with the skirt, since it was really short, I think it was to let me know he was looking at it.  He left me there for a couple of hour, he left the room and came back from time to time to see if I was doing a good job. "you can stop now.. take this.." he threw me a pack of bubble gum, my jaw really ached, and he wanted me to chew bubble gum "Daddy, my mouth hurts" "Don't you know article 07 fucktoy?" "yes Daddy, ... I must always be using my mouth..." " So don't argue with me, It's the rules, and god knows how much I hate breaking the rules" "I’m sorry Daddy.." and placed two gums on my mouth... "In the morning I went to town to buy some materials you will need, I already placed them in your slutroom while you where taking the test, next to the closet you have now a bookshelf fill with magazines, books and videos, of course I had to buy new outfits for you... since you have grown a little, I think you already notice that, I tried to buy you at least one woman’s outfit, it was going to be something decent.. but I guess they don't have woman’s outfit for your body type.. the only thing that were your breast size where slutclothes, I you ever manage to get rid of me, you'll still be wearing the same clothes, you can have you're tan sessions on my front yard don't worry, not many people pass this road, but if they do.. well they'll have a lovely view, if you get you're self out of the 5 meter radius of the house your head will start to hurt, in your vanity stand I placed your perfume, you must apply some every time you get dress or get ready for bed...thank me" "thank you Daddy" "Come on .. don't be a shy school girl.. sit on my knee and kiss me thank you" I sat on his knee "Thank you very much Daddy" and gave him a kiss "I have a little recommendation for you, I you want to be a better slut you must rub your pussy on anyone’s knee when they tell you to sit on it" "thanks again Daddy" and started to rub my pussy on him

"There.. now you look like the horny tramp that you are from now on I won't have to keep this room locked, you can run around the house and I’m giving you the big responsibility on choosing what duties to  first.. but remember, you must do them all, the order it doesn’t matter, the result is what we are after".. chose?... I'd thought I was never gonna be able to chose something, I was really happy for being able to chose... but then in a couple of weeks  I figured it out, by letting me chose, he was making me to accept this life and agree to it, he was giving me privileges so I could be happy for the life I was getting, but then again he was right, I was felling a lot more relaxed and happy about my situation. "now that you know your responsibility.. which one do you choose to do first?" I was really tired, I needed to spend some time on my back "May I tan now?" "But of course.. you are the one who is choosing now.. once you placed your clothes, and gotten enough material you can go out" I was really exited to go out.. look at the sun, I though I’d never see it again, I quickly got up, took of my makeup, got out of my clothes, took a shower, went to the bookshelf, there where tons of dirty magazines, videos, and some stories printed up, there where all taken from the internet.. "I recommend taking the story called 'Trophy Wife' you'll really into it, I really have gotten most of my ideas from it... but still it lack graphics.. pictures to help you follow the story, I'll guess we will write one day your story, but this one will have some pictures.. you're pictures, so take some magazines" I took it, and grabbed a couple of magazines.. it was really the first time I gotten to look at them, some of boys from my school always carried them, I found them really disgusting, but I must confess I was also curious of them, all of the magazines I have contain women, I really though he was going to give me women magazine, probably he wanted me to have some lesbian tendencies, that will never happen, the mere though of me being with another girl make me sick to my stomach...and of course unlucky for me these magazines contain a lot of lesbian acts. I went my vanity chair and rub tanning oil all over myself. Since I didn’t know how the rest of the house was, He lead me outside, I was very humiliated of going outside naked.. but I knew I'd have to do it anyway, so I just went outside and saw a tanning chair.. the back of it had to holes, they where made for my breast to fit, he was really thoughtful for this detail... I really have to stop things like that.. I sounding like if I starting to like him... it was probably more of his mental games to confuse me and accept this life.. this degration... I sat back and started reading 'trophy wife' it was really sick story.. because of this I am now where I am... probably if Daddy never read this story I might of never be where I am... I would still be finishing school.. hoping to get to college... that bastart, he took away all of that after reading this... this things should be banned, I don't want anyone else to have this way of life, the magazines where pure depravation, how could someone do this thing... my worst fear was that I will be doing the same thing in the near future. Hopefully as Daddy said, no one passed the road today. About 2 hour passed, I thought that my tanning was done for today, now I had to choose between workout or watching videos, I really hated the fact to watch porn videos, so I decided to the workout,  Daddy was looking at me al the time, he let me in when I was about to enter the house.. I had no place else to go, I though about escaping, but I was not going to have that headache again, I knew he wasn't bluffing about that, or else he would of never let me run so loosely around, he took me to my slutroom, "Slut these will be your workout clothes, some day you'll be wearing them in a real fitness club so take care of them, or you'll just have to go there naked" This consisted of a white tank top which was cut off a few inches above my bellybutton  (when I wear all worked up in sweat, my brown nipples were plainly visible through the white fabric), and a pair of black shorts with two white stripes, which were....well....very short. He lead me to a workout room filled with mirrors, so I could always see myself, there was a big TV set, and a workout bike and couple of more things. There wasn't any weight, probably he didn't want me to ever overpower him, all the equipment was to burn calories. He open a closet, there where a lot of videos in there, he had rename all of them and place new tag with the names of the day and a number ,"Slut, If it's Monday you can pick any movie that's named Monday like for example take 'MONDAY #5' today...and so on, I know you are not getting it right now since you are too much of a stupid bimbo....but you'll figure it out." He sat down at a couch in the end of the room. I placed the video on the VCR and began working out, the workout started, I though there was going to be nothing humiliating about his.. after all it only workout... as the fitness teacher began to set the step faster and faster my breasts started bouncing and jiggling up and down in frenzy. Sometimes my equilibrium was off, and  I had actually fallen forward a few times. The last time I started to cry, wondering how I've been reduced to this, "You know you love it. Just get used to the idea that you're a whore, and this will be a lot easier for you" The video stopped, I was lying on the floor, he came closer from behind,. I couldn’t move I was too exhausted, he kneel  down behind me, he slapped my ass "lift your ass slut!" I just couldn’t, so he grabbed it and lift it himself, he pull down my shorts, my sweaty ass was completely visible and available to him, "you are gonna  pay for this insolence  today no meals for you, now hold still" he took off his pants he lifted a little bit more my ass, he placed his cock in my pussy, and suddenly I felt a hot steam flowing inside me, "What are you doing!.. please stop... I beg you.. STOP!!!" "Stop? no way, you are now also my personal toilet,  I'm just to lazy to go to the bathroom to pee, so you are just gonna have to live with that, in fact you should worship this piss"  he stood up and left the room, he left me there like a used toy, I stood up I didn't know where to go, then he came in again "Slut, go to your room, clean yourself and I want you to pick your slutty outfit for today" "Yes Daddy" when I got to the room I didn't know what to wear, I was really tired, I laid down on the bed for a while, I made the big mistake to fall to sleep, 15 minutes later ... "You fucking Bitch, you think I have all day to wait for you?, you'll have no meal today and no bra right, come on hand over the bras, whore" I refused " No.. Leave me alone you've done enough damage you bastard" he press a button of a remote he had, and my head started to ache really bad "You where saying Slut? " then he grabbed me by the neck and look deeply into my eyes " Don't you ever forget what you are, and who owns you" the he spat at my face and left me there twisting into the ground in pain, he unpressed the button, "stand up clean yourself and get dress" I obeyed, I when downstairs I took a really fast shower, and stood by my wardrobe, I knew I had to look my slutiest so my punishment for sleeping wouldn’t be so bad. I Pick up a fluorescent panty, a red skirt, and a hot pink top, pink halter top and stockings, and some stiletto black boots, I also put on a triple stranded gold necklace, some bracelets and rings, and a big pair of gold hoop earrings. I got dress and the usual makeup session came afterwards.


When I was done I looked like a street whore, I knew it would please him, I knew it because I was ashamed of dressing up like this, I went to the bedroom to wait for him. he came in "My you are really getting into this, are you?... you look like a five dollar whore.. just what you where born to be. I can see you remembered your punishment and didn't wear any bra, I bet It's really annoying when you run.. but you if you break the rule you get punished I want you to clean the house.. leave it spotless, you are going to do a woman's job" I always got pissed off when people said that " I going  to town for a while, don't try to call anyone the phones will be dead, but take this beeper so I can give you some direction on what to do ,so you don't get bored" he handed me the beeper (of course it was pink) "Thank you Daddy" "That's ok Slut, I know you don't have the IQ to entertain yourself, so you will entertain me, with time you will get real enjoyment making me happy..."


            I spend most of the day making the house clean, a while after I was done the beeper sounded it read "GO TO THE FUCKROOM AND PLACE THE CAMERAS AROUND THE BED, THEN THERE ARE SOME PILLS IN YOUR MAKEUP TABLE, SWALLOW THEM" I placed the cameras and went to the Slutroom and grabbed them, now I had to get some water to take them, I though first of going in to the kitchen, but then I remembered he has cameras all over, so even when he was around I was forced to drink from the bowls.....I took the pills then waited for more instruction in the bedroom, then my heart began to pound really fast.. my body began to heat up quickly, I was horny as hell!!. I began to massage my breast and rubbing my clit, It just didn't do it, I needed some fucking fast, then the beeper sounded "IN ONE OF THE DRAWERS IN YOUR MAKEUPTABLE THERE IS A SCRIPT DO AND SAY WHAT IT SAYS" I rushed to the drawer and read the script it was really short and easy. to begin the movie I started all of the cameras and left the room.


I walked into the doorway and stood there for a moment. I had a large smile on my lips as my right hand moved down to rub the outside of my pussy through the panties my breast barely held inside the material below the open v of my neck. My left hand moved over to my tits, rubbing them through the smooth top, my nipples standing straight out as my hips began to rotate slowly against my right hand. "God I'm horny", I said loudly "I need a man to fuck me. I want to suck his cock and let him fuck me. But I'm such a slut no one will fuck me. I guess I'll just have to make do by myself like I usually do". Then I walked over to the night stand, and turning to the camera, took out my purse a black dildo. I opened my mouth, and shoved the dildo down my throat, burying it all the way inside me, so deep my fingers could barely hold onto it, then withdrew it, making sure the camera caught my throat bulging when it was filled, and my tongue licking along its length. For five minutes I stood there sucking the dildo, moving it in and out as the camera got every bit on film, I moved over to the bed, and lied down, still sucking on the dildo. My legs spread out wide as my other hand moved down to my pussy and shoving the elastic panty aside, I thrust  three fingers into my hot hole as my left hand continued to work the dildo in and out of my mouth, going all the down my throat, as my fingers moved in and out of my pussy, getting my juice all around my pussy and thighs, leaking down to the bed. my hand caught the elastic panty  and yanked it out, my hand moved the dildo from my mouth down to my open love hole and plunged it with one hard shove. "Yes, oh my God YESSSS!" I yelled in pleasure as the dildo filled my vagina, my hand beginning to pump it in and out as my hips jumped from the bed to meet the plastic member inside me. my free hand reached for the other dildo on my purse, grabbing it and putting it in my mouth, moaning with pleasure as it entered my throat, moving in and out drooling all over it. I could not believe I was doing this, could not believe what Daddy had told me to do next, with the camera recording everything as a permanent record of my depravity. For 5 more minutes I plunged both dildos in and out of myself, then I took the dildo out of my mouth. "Oh yes, yes, I'll put it up my ass, YESSSS!!!" I moaned out loud to the camera. My hand moved the dildo down past my pussy to my tight  asshole, my other hand stopping for a second, the black dildo buried deep inside me. My asshole was extremely wet from all my juices leaking down. I grabbed the dildo with both hands and shoved against my ass. First a little went in, then I pushed with all my might and it buried itself inside my ass. "AHHHH!!!", I screamed as the dildo went inside me. "My god, it's tearing me up! I love it!!!", I scream at the camera. I really thought It was tearing me apart. Then I began forcing both dildos in and out of my holes. When the black one plunged inside my pussy, the other one left my ass, only to plunge back in as the black dildo moved out. In and out they both moved, I was moaning loudly to the camera, as my hips jumped and rotated on the bed. After 10 minutes of this, I Said as instructed "I want George, I need George!". I jumped off the bed, both dildos now deep in my being held in by their own pressure against each other inside me. Standing up, I quickly took off the top, the boots and skirt leaving me with the pink gather belt and pink stocking,, then I knelt beside the bed, legs spread, reaching underneath it. My holes were still filled as I knelt beside the bed. I took a flesh covered package. Laying it on the bed, I could now see it was an inflatable man with an 11 inch plastic penis. "Oh yes George, I need you badly!", I said, as I moved my mouth forward to the plastic stop to inflate the man. I breathe in quick gulps now as I began to inflate my lover to be. I held on to it with one hand, as the other moved down to the dildos still inside me, grabbing both roughly, I began to move them up and down inside my pussy and asshole. I was in much pain now as the dildos moved in and out of me, but I wouldn't dare and couldn't stop it, no matter how torn my ass felt at the time. Besides, I knew the worst was still to come. 'George' was almost completely inflated now, his 11 inch dick standing straight up from the bed. I stood up, taking both dildos from my body and put them on the night stand. I hugged 'George' as if he was my boyfriend. "Want some head George?" I asked the plastic man. "Sure you do!". With that, I plunged her mouth onto his plastic manhood, going deep down my throat, my tongue working on the outside of my mouth so the camera could get it all. Up and down my mouth slided over his plastic dick, my other hand still playing with my pussy, as my tits swung back and forth as I knelt over him. "Fuck me George!" I said as I moved my mouth off the inflated man and placed my pussy over it. I shoved my pussy downward, then moved back up, taking the doll with me. I grabbed hold of his sides and then began  to pump my hips on and off of his member. For ten minutes I fucked the plastic man, my pussy grabbing his penis like it was the real thing. "What's that George, you want to fuck my ass? You bet you can honey, anything you want. I am here to serve you, I love it up my ass" I said, thinking I can't believe I'm really doing this! I withdrew the plastic cock from my pussy, a moved an inch forward, and shove it all the way inside my ass. All the way inside me it went, stretching my virgin hole further then I could imagine it could without killing me, I shed some tears and I had to cover it up somehow or else I would have to do it all over again. "AHHHHHHHH!!! YES GEORGE, YES... Look you made this dirty Slut cry in happiness, thank you for using me", I screamed as I began to hump quickly on the penis now buried deep in my tight hole. Treating a doll like it was superior to me made me blushed. In and out it moved, my hips going faster and faster as it spread my hole. I was approaching my orgasm now, "I'm cumming George, I'm CUMMING!!!", I yelled as the orgasm filled my body, my hips slamming down on the plastic penis buried deep within me. "That was great George", I said as I kissed the doll repeatedly on the lips. "Here, now let me clean you" With that, I moved my mouth down to his plastic dick, now covered with my slime, and sucked it into my mouth, it was a good thing I had an enema before all of this.. But still it was grosse. I stared at the camera, and smiled on my lips as I continued to lick from the plastic dick, praying no one would ever see this film. After the penis was good and clean from my mouth, I grabbed the other 2 dildos, first the one that was in my ass, and plunged it into my mouth also, licking along it, working the dried juices off of it and swallowing it down. Then the other dildo, down my throat it, too, came out until it was clean. I put them back on my purse, then went next to the doll, and gave it one big tonguey kiss as I laid next to it, my hand grabbing tightly on the fake penis. "Goodnight George" I said, "Thank you very much for a wonderful fuck!". I was supposed to let the cameras filmed me laying next to the doll for 2 more minute, like if I was taking a nap with the doll next to me.


            Then stood up and turned off the machines. I bursted in tears, I could not believe what I just did.. and even worst when Daddy came home I had to look proud of it. I when to the Slutroom took a shower and got back dress. I was thirsty so I drank from my bowl, after all I've been thought today I was getting used to this. I was really exhausted, my body was crushed, and my ass really hurts so I went into my little bedroom, (if one could call it that), I took a long nap.


            I woke up and saw Daddy looking at the tapes, I knew I had to look proud of them, happy for the humiliation he made me do to myself. I approach with a slutty smile in my face "Did you like what your Slut did Daddy?" "Yes.. It's wonderful, did you enjoy it?" he was being sarcastic "Yes I loved making this video for you Daddy" "Come sit on my lap, I want you help me edit it" I sat on his lap, since the shortness of my skirt my panties wear on plain site, my ass hurted when I sat down "Come on.. don't be shy, hug me, or do you like George better than me?" I rubbed my body enticingly on him, with my face looking at the Screen "Can you explain to me this part Slut.. I don't recall it was ever on the script" he was talking about when I shed  some tears "I... I was really touched by getting fucked by a doll, I though I didn't deserve it" "Good answer".


When finished watching the tape he stood up fast so I would fall at his feet like a used toy, "I can see you are still horny as hell.. well that’s the only thing you are good for, come on hop on the bed" so I did then he jumped on top of me and started rubbing my whole body he put his hand behind my ass and started to lift my skirt, he then lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders, he massage my breast , not to turn me on, just touching them like he owned them. He place a hand on my pussy and finger fucked me, "I see you didn't use baby oil, I warned you, he took his cock and shoved it in me, with no gentleness, he fucked me hard, really he raped me hard and fast as he could, looking out for his pleasure, not mine. "you filthy whore, you slut.. you are making me cum.. I want to hear you say how much you enjoy it ..." "Ahha....yes. Fuck me hard Daddy, use me... ohohohohooouhuhuhuhuuuh. MnmnmmNMnmMMMMNNmnmnmn... please.. cum in me.." before he came inside he took it out and aimed the floor, he cum all over it. "Oh.. I got cum all over the floor, now who is going to clean up?" he looked at me " I will Daddy" "take you top of.. we don't want it to get dirty" I took it of and then I was on my 4 licking the sticky cum of the floor with my tongue, as usual my breast where squeeze with the floor, or bounced from one side to another when I was crawling. He laid on the bed just looking at me, until he got another erection. "Pretty ass you got there.. especially where you state your name.. I did that because  for some people you will just be another ass, so that way you'll be an ass with a name, did you use baby oil on you're ass?" "no Daddy, but I can go put on some now" "you lost your chance.." he stood up and sat on the bed "Suck Slut" as I approached him he grabbed a handful of my hair, forcing me down on him. He urged, "You better get it lubed up real nice....after all, it's your ass....That's it, slobber all over it, slut....." Then grabbed one of my mammoth breasts in each hand and shoved them tightly together. He slipped his cock first into my mouth, then between my breasts, I tried to get his cock as wet as I could. "on your 4, on top of the bed.. NOW" would I dare to say no.. so I jumped and placed my hand on the bed frame, he was behind me the in one trust he shoved it inside my ass, If thought I was going to die, that my ass would be severely damaged, he was really going to tear me up this time, "lick the frame.. lick it good" while he abused my ass I passed my tongue in the cold metal, it tasted funny, the taste was awful, I licked it like it was a cock from one side to another, giving it kisses in the middle. But the pain I felt on my ass made me forget about the taste. I pressed my asscheeks tightly so he would soon cum, after a while of this horrible torture I felt a hot stream inside my ass...  finally he cummed... he turned me over and sat on my breasts "clean" I tried to do my best blowjob ever hoping it would wear him of, so he could leave me alone for a while, when I has done I realize that I sucked on a cock that was inside my ass, I wanted to throw up. I also felt his semen inside me leaking of, with no way of stopping it. He gave me such an ass fuck that I felt as my asshole was an open gap, leaking of semen and feeling how cold wind entered it "I’m exhausted, you can go sleep now" I went crawling to my bed room when I was inside waiting for him to lock me up for the night he splashed me with a bucket full of baby oil "So you wont forget the next time bitch you should apply all over your body until further notice" I was expected to be thankful "Thank you Daddy" I was all greasy and my body got aroused by the sensation. I bet he had the camera taping me if I got in the mood to play with myself, but how can anyone get turned on when they been kidnapped, raped and brutally assraped... on the other hand how can anyone resist the feeling I was getting with my body covered with baby oil against the rubber walls and floors. He was humiliating me even when he was asleep. I could hardly sleep, but I did eventually.


The next day my cell opened I crawled outside and did my duties. when I was done I was to sit on a chair with a dildo nail to it and ride it till Daddy came to use me, sometimes he made me wait a couple of hour, which was a real torture both physically and sexually. This routine lasted about 2 weeks he said It helped improve my fucking.


One day when I was done with my duties which now they have grown, I have to clean our clothes, clean the house and make dinner. He sat at the glass dinner table, I brought him his dinner and then sat on the pillow by his feet under the table , he could see me since the table was made out of glass, this time he let me eat with him so my bowl was there too, when I was eating he sometimes he stepped my face against my food, or  sometimes he would rub me with his feet, or he would throw food far away and I was supposed to go fetch it like his little bitch or I was to pretend I was fucking his leg. at desert I was to always give him a blowjob, and swallow up all of my special desert'. "I want you now to get dressed like it says on page 84.. what are you waiting for hurry up get your self all cleaned up, I'll be in the living room meet me there in an hour. I dashed to the slutroom open page 83 and it said, 'Leopard Skirt, panty and bra ; Black high heels'. When I was done with myself I waited for him. He came in and he took out a little remote he has and pushed it, suddenly my head started to ache painfully then the pain stopped "just a little reminder of what happens if you run away or disobey me, follow me" I followed him to his car, then he told me to get in as he sat on the drivers seat. "Do you want people to think I'm going out with a whore like you slut?, put your face where it belongs in my cock, don't suck it just put your face there and kiss it once in a while" of course I did what I was told. When then arrived somewhere, he placed the dog leash on my collar then lead me to the door of a mansion as we approached the entrance a man, probably a security man open the door for us, as I passed he grabbed my ass and said "pretty hot stuff you got here, what’s your name?" it was the first time I said my given name to someone other than Daddy ".... my name... is.. Slut" "I know you are a slut, what's your name?" "My name is Slut" Daddy pulled the leash so I would hurry up, he lead me into a ballroom full of people dressed  in tuxedos and night dresses, I was lead to a glass room in the middle of the room. The room looked like a little girls room there was a huge bed, pillows, nightstand, makeup table, closets, teddy bears etc.. Inside the room there was another girl, a beautiful redhead, with a body molded just like mine, Daddy pushed me into the room as he unleashed me and said "Go to her and talk until you get instructions" the other girl stood up when she saw me entering the room and came to me she said hi and tried to french kiss me I turned my face away reacting from a girl trying to kiss me then I looked at Daddy, he look deeply into my eyes as if says ‘do it or else’.... I knew what I had to do, I looked at her and french kiss her, every body outside the glass room was looking at us, there must of been at least 70 people in the ball room, drinking Champaign and talking, the girl grabbed my hand and invited me to sit next to her on the bed, the she asked me "What's your name?" "Slut" "Oh, that is such a beautiful name, my name is Bitch" I said to myself what a mindless bimbo she was reduced to, I still felt her taste on my mouth, it was really disgusting, I had never kissed a girl before "You are beautiful, what's your specialty?" I could tell there were microphones in the room so the people on the other side could hear us, since we couldn’t listen to them, so I had to play along "cocksucking, what is yours?" "My owner has made me a very good ass fucker.. or should I say ass fucked" then she giggled, so did I,  "I can proudly now have anything he wants up my ass" "Oh you must teach me" "Sure" she giggled "It's like your first bikini wax the first time it really hurts but then by doing it regularly you get used to it" then we started talking about the things we've done to please our owners, she told me once she had suck a horse's cock and then fucked it, I was really shocked, I would never do something like that... I hope. Then she showed me her clothes, they were a lot like mine, she also had some sexy Halloween costumes, she was about my size and height so she invited me to try some of her clothes, she tried on my clothes as well as her own, I noticed she also had a tattoo in her ass it said 'BITCH' probably she went through the same operation as I did, so that meant I was going to turn out just like her, it was a horrible idea. Then the door opened, a  petite Asian girl was thrown in the room, she was crying, we went to her and force a french kiss on her, I could tell she didn't have any training , then a voice filled the room "Slut and Bitch this is Whore, you two will put on a show for us, if one of you doesn't cooperate all three of you will get 10 whips for every time you don't behave like you are supposed to. Slut you'll put on a red babydoll of Bitch's wardrobe, you Bitch put on a green teddy and some matching stocking and you whore since your jugs aren't as big as Slut or Bitch you will put on a white T-shirt and a pink panties that will be on the door”.


We got dress up, I knew how hard it was going to be for whore to get naked in front of a lot of people, and as easy and natural it was for bitch. I really hate to call them that way but it was the only way I knew them as. Whores T-shirt halved covered her breast and the word 'FUCKTOY' was stamped on the front, we looked ridiculously cute on these outfits. I looked at Whore's breast, the looked about my size before the operation, how I wish I had that size again, instead of these huge unconformable ones. Then I looked at Bitch, she was a true fuckdoll, obscene to the extreme and painfully I knew I look just like her.


Then the voice filled the room "Bitch and Slut, act like you are in a slumber party, then in about 5 minutes things start to heat up, remember no inhibitions, Whore you can watch this time", Bitch then started to comb my long blonde hair, as I did her nails.


Whore looked at us in shocked I could see in her deep black eyes she understood we were force to do this, and so will she someday. I felt horrible I helped them rape my soul and spirit just to save my ass from some whipping, but deeply I knew this was the least painful way for us. We putted  makeup on each other according to our outfits, then the inevitable came, Bitch didn't seem to care about it, I bet she's done it before and she likes it, but Whore and I were petrified but I still managed to pull myself together and behave. Bitch stared  to massage me and ‘accidentally’ rub my breasts occasionally. I knew it was time so I sat on her knee facing her and started to gently pass my fingers though her body. I started then to finger her pussy and began removing her outfit, then Bitch undid my babydoll lace and took it off, the she grabbed my face and gently lead it to her lips as we began to kiss. Things did heat up, we ate each others cunt, suck each others breast and many other sexual things. I was getting really disgusted all I wanted was to get to a bathroom as soon as possible and throw up my guts out. They made us perform while they had cocktail and meal, we were the entertainer of the night. I noticed the usual cameras I was getting used to recording everything. I really wish no one would ever glance at these tapes ever. Through the glass I saw how Daddy talked to many people, some of them taking their checkbooks and giving Daddy a check.

The voice filled the room again "Ok bimbos, you can stop now, Bitch give them their uniforms and wait by the door, and if any of you wants to pee there is a litter box under bitch's bed, I recommend that you all go, before you make a mess somewhere and have to clean it up" I knew that he meant if we didn't pee now we were going to be forced to go somewhere else and lick it clean. Bitch gave us each a pair of golden hot pants and a matching and a small bikini top. I was the first to pee, a couple of guys in their late 20 came closer to the glass and started to laugh at me, probably making joke of us and stared, they really stared, It's really hard to pee when someone is watching, imagine someone staring and making fun of you at the time. I then got dress, when the three of us where ready the door open and each  of our owners came and lead us to a kind of a study room with some seats forming a circle. Daddy placed the leash on me and sat in a chair the told me to seat by his feet then came in 3 other men and Bitch's and Whore's owners with them following behind them, they to were leashed and sat by their owner's feet. They talked about business and other things I didn't understand, when they wanted to give a piece of paper to each other, usually with an amount of money written in it we where supposed to pick it up with our lips, or they were placed in our clothes, then we would have to crawl to the other man so they could take it from us, and usually they would want a blowjob when our task was done. The second man I delivered the paper, after I gave him a blowjob, He put a mirror next to me with a straw and a white dust formed as a line. I knew what it was.. But never ever before I'd tried it before.... 8twas cocaine. He gave me instructions as on how to snore it. I felt such a rush thought my body... I liked it instantly. After handing a piece of paper, I was given more of this sweet nectar It was difficult for me to say no to. when I was sitting by Daddy's feet he would usually pat me on the head or told me to get on my fours with my ass high and he would place his feet on my ass. "I hope you like the habit we are making you addicted to, it will become more effective to manipulate you, soon you'll be doing anything we want you to do, really proud, and happy ". I noticed Whore being punished a lot, she got kick and leached in the ass, or choked by the leash until she became more submissive, I felt sorry for her, she still had a lot to learn.


The men asked us to entertain them... they made us do the obvious lesbo moves. In one time a man said "All right, Slut, now you're a horny stud dog, and Bitch here is a bitch in heat. You want her to know you're interested, so start licking her ass and her fuckhole" I approached Bitch from behind and tentatively licked her. "No, Slut, get your nose in there, shove her around, show her who's boss." More laughter from our audience. I pushed my nose between Bitch's thighs, forcing her forward, reaching with my tongue for the warm slit. "You, Bitch, wiggle that ass for your stud. That's right, now bark for me" Bitch obeyed, trying to bark like a dog, to roars of delight from the men as I continued to lick her pussy and asshole. "Now roll over on your back, so your stud knows you're begging for it, and hold your ‘paws’ up in the air" She did and Daddy told me to lick Bitch's breasts and face and stick my tongue in Bitch's mouth. I also was ordered to bark and to cavort around the floor on all fours. Someone in the crowd shouted "Ass to ass".. Then everybody began chanting "ass to ass", a double sided dong was thrown at us, I’ve never seen or had anything as huge as that in me. Bitch picked it up and inserted deep inside her torn. Loose asshole.  I placed my self behind her, facing her ass with mine. I've been anally raped before, but never on demand and with no previous lubrication as Bitch. Daddy placed a line of cocaine near me, he placed a tube up my nose and commanded me to snore it, then he said "If you get it all inside you really quick, I'll give you a lot more". I felt my heart going fast... The cocaine also made me hornier, which later I was explained it was usual on us females. I wanted more and more of it... I knew what I had to do to get more... I didn't care about anything else... I fastly grabed the other end of the dildo inserted in Bitche's ass, and placed it on my tight, non lubricaded, small asshole. I pressed my teeth as in a quick but brutal move inserted it all until my ass touched bitch's ass, the men cheered. My hands trembldedand gave, so I could no longer be supported by them, and felt on the table with my huge tits pressed against the table. Daddy as promised have me more coke to blow. The men still chanted "ass to ass", Bitch giggled and began moving forward and back, I felt a hard slap on my ass indicated I was to do the same. I felt how my inner walls were rubbed and invaded by the dong, steatching me more in every move. I felt hornyer by the cocaine more and more... I began moving really fast, almost enyoing the anal invader. I wanted to cum.. I tried my best to do so, y placed a hand on my breast, and another fingering my clitoris. I was a real Slut at that time, and Bitch was a bitch in heat. I could not think of anything but cumming, I did not care about my ass being teared by myself with lot's of men watching me do so. I didn't care that on the other side of the dildo was another woman pressing her ass against mine, as se proved she was a natural anal fuck. They also had a contest for us. the contest would decide the best stripper. they lead us to a stage, with a lot of people siting down  drinking and talking. When we entered  the guys hoot and holler, making very lewd and suggestive remarks about what they'd like to do to us in bed. They told me I was first to go. I was commanded to collect 300 dollars. At first I danced alone, then I started shaking my tits in their faces, or bending over in front of them close enough for them to try to lick my pussy. dancing under the hot lights. Faces are blurred beyond the edge of the stage, but the men were all intent on checking out my body. I laid on my back with my legs spread and rock my hips as though I was being fucked hard and fast. Then I rolled over and spread my legs and thrust back, showing everyone my pussy and reasently fucked gap asshole. A man showed me some dollars, I knew what he wanted so I shove my ass and cunt almost in his face several times, I got a good tip at doing that. Then I got up and dance by him, I could see a thick bulge in his lap, and I know he's hot for me. Then another guy yelled out "Bitch, if you want money.. then get your lazy fucking ass here NOW!" I dance down towards him and lay on my stomach, pressing my large breasts against the floor. I look him in the eye and run my tongue across my lips sensuously, then flick my tongue up and down, . Then  I sit up and spread my legs wide, with my ass at the edge of the stage, gyrating my hips lewdly right in front of him. He leans back and fingers my vagina, and then places his finger in my mouth forcing me to lick my cream from his fingers, smiling up at me he says "Get your money and meet me in the private rooms" I looked at Daddy and he gave me a nod. So I collected the money and went to Daddy, I gave him the money and he told me to go backstage and put on what's in a box with my name on. I went backstage and I saw two boxes , one of them said Angela and the other said Slut, I knew witch one he meant by says the one with my name on, but by having me chose and accept the box, it was as if  I agreed that my name was Slut. I got dressed, I'd worn an outrageous shiny rubber miniskirt in hot pink that fit like a second skin. And topped it with a tight-fitting jacket of white patent leather, accompanied by fishnet stockings and pink patent spike heels. I wore no blouse under the jacket, and the bra I wore was quite low-cut, as my rising cleavage was plainly displayed in the neckline. When I looked at the mirror my first reaction was that I looked like one of the hookers on Main Street, or a heroine from a B-grade movie, although unarguably a sex bomb. I when back to the room, Daddy came to me, and placed some pills on my lips, I knew what kind of pills they where, then gave me a glass of water "drink up Slut, you'll thank me later". Then he smacked me in the ass and said out loud so that everyone in the room heard it "Shake that ass Slut, Rotate those hips...keep your slut head up high" as I walked to the private rooms a lot of people were watching me wagging my tail. Two men stopped close to me and leered at me. One whispered in my ear, "Cheap whore" and reached out and grabbed my breast, as I entered the room I saw large group of men sitting down, all of them sticky drunk, they were having a bachelors party, and I was the party girl. Some of them stood up and tried to be gentlemen, then they guy who ‘hired’ me said “no need for that she'll do anything you want anyway”. Some came over to stare at me and to feel my body all over. One of them walked right up to me, and grabbed my crotch, while trying to kiss me with a beery, smoky mouth.


Then a guy grabbed by the shoulders and ask to the crowd. Then he said out loud "How about we do a little bet here Slut we ask you a question and if you lie you'll fuck us all for free, if your not wet well pay you double and let you go unfucked" the crowed cheered. He then asked "Are you wet, Whore?" "Wh....what?" "Are you wet, you dumb bimbo. Is your pussy dripping wet with juices. Are you getting turned on by making a complete whore out of yourself" Mouths dropped open, and stayed that way awaiting for my answer. "No" , I lied. Then my eyes widened in horror, as the man approached me. "I think in all fairness, we should check this out for ourselves...." Reaching down, he lifted my skirt, revealing my green panties. Which were soaked. To emphasize, he eased his hand into my panties, rustling through my pubic hair, then sliding his middle finger up into my dripping wet love hole. Withdrawing, he held up his finger, glistening with my juices, up for all to see. It looked like he was flipping the bird to the crowd. Then he offered me his finger, who, now quietly sobbing, closed my eyes and resignedly took the finger into my mouth, sucking it clean of my own betraying juices. The men, meanwhile, roared in mock outrage at my lie. "Looks like you lied, little girl...." He led me to a small table, and bent her over it. Then he pulled up my skirt, bunching it up under my belly and revealing the my shapely ass. The men whooped and hollered. "Now, this slut gets punished. Everyone, please form a line. Each of you will get to spank Slut's cute little ass" To emphasize, he fondled my asscheeks. "Those of you with belts on, can feel free to take them off and use them" I pleaded softly. "Sir....please.....I'm sorry...." he leaned close. "Don't forget to thank each man, and apologize for being such a lying slut. Or we'll do this all night." Wracked with sobs, I gripped the edges of the table until my knuckles turned white. One by one, each man stepped up and whipped me. Some, mercifully, used only their bare hands. The rest used belts. Each time, I sobbed "Thank you....I'm sorry for being such a lying slut....." my ass was now on fire. After the spanking line, the men formed two lines, one at my head and one at my feet. I felt my panties being ripped off of me, followed by a large cock being slid roughly up my slit. I opened my mouth in a gasp, and it was immediately stuffed with another cock. Having no choice in the matter, I did what I now did best.


The men in the ‘back’ line had a choice between my cunt or ass. A punch bowl full of condoms had been brought out. My eyes had widened when I saw how many condoms were there. For what seemed like hours, I was reduced to a fuck-machine, using my mouth, pussy and ass to service the endless supply of hard, pumping, spurting cocks of these men. Now my whole world was limited to the two cocks penetrating me. Finally all the men returned to their seats, laying me bent over the table, unmoving, humiliated and exhausted. my belly felt bloated with cum from all the cocks I had sucked. (Word of my oral expertise had spread, and many of the men who had been fucking my cunt and/or ass had held back and saved their jism for my mouth.). It was all that I could do to swallow the masses of sticky, white semen flooding my mouth. It was either swallow or choke. As I forced it down, I had the sensation that their cum was coating my esophagus all the way to my stomach. In a half lucid moment, I could feel it filling my stomach, gallons of the thick, white cum pooling inside me. I thought that I was going to drown in their cum.


Another man went up to me. "Get up" he growled. He roughly helped me to my feet. I, clad in bra, skirt and heels, stood there staring into space. "I have another question for you. And I'm sure you know the penalty for lying by now" I nodded resignedly. "How many men can you service at the same time?" I quickly counted the possible ways.. and did the math. "S...six" I Barely whisper. "Six" he repeated aloud. "I don’t know about six we’ll have to find that out....we have thirty people here. We're going to divide you up into five teams. Each team will fuck this little whore" stopping to fondle my ample boobs, "and whoever fucks her the best wins. The prize will be her panties and bras" cheers erupted.


So the men divided into five teams. The first team, took its place. The first order of business was to get the me. my skirt was yanked off and cast into the crowd. Then came the moment all had been waiting for, as they reached behind me and undid the clasps of my bra. My firm boobs were revealed in all their glory, they made a little bounce up and down, and every man there silently beheld this sight in admiration.

Then it was time to start. I, clad only in my white pumps, was led back to the table. "Anyone who's going to be fucking this slut's tits or asshole, might want to consider getting some lubrication." To emphasize, he grabbed a handful of my hair, forcing me down on him. He urged, "You better get it lubed up real nice....after all, it's your ass....That's it, slobber all over it, slut....." Then he was ready. He lay on the table, and two other men lowered my ass onto his erect prick. He then pulled me down on top of him, so that my back was to his chest, and ordered me to start fucking. Despite the burning pain in my ass, I began carefully moving my ass, impaling myself on his dick. He then grabbed a mammoth breast in each hand and shoved them tightly together. Another man straddled me and slipped his meat first into my mouth, then between my breast.


The other men took their places. One cock eased into my cunt, and another man turned my head to the side, bringing me face to face with his cock, which he slipped into my mouth. To finish it off, two men took their places next to the table, and one throbbing prick was placed into each of my hands. My tears were pouring, and I was alternately sobbing and moaning. How had my life come to this? I asked myself for the thousandth time.


Daddy came to me whispered in her ear. "You know you love it. Just get used to the idea that you're a slut, and this will be a lot easier for you. Think about how wet your cunt is right now. You love it." He had been watching me the whole time. how could he be so mean to me.


The man fucking my tits came first, the sight of his cock disappearing between the finest pair of tits he had ever seen, proved to be overwhelming. With a gasp, he spurted all over my neck, then took his cock into his hand and carefully aimed the rest of his load evenly over my abundant breasts. The guy fucking my mouth was next. Even when I was being completely degraded in the middle of a gang rape, my skilled mouth still expertly performed its task. I moaned softly as I felt the cock tense up, and I was prepared to swallow. Cum began spurting and I swallowed as fast as I could, but it wasn't fast enough and his white gooey jism leaked out of the corners of my mouth. Finally sensing that the my mouth was overfull, the man pulled out and distributed the remainder of his seed all over my face and hair.


The man crawled off, and I was thankful that at least my mouth could get a rest for a few minutes. my relief was short-lived, however, as the two men whom I was jacking off hopped up on the table, replacing the two cocks which had been fucking my mouth and tits. I was bucking and moaning in rhythm with the men fucking my twat and my asshole. I was extremely wet and had already had two orgasms. Daddy was right. I was a Slut.


The man fucking my cunt tensed up, then began filling me with his jism. As I felt his hot cum shooting against the walls of my pussy, I went with him, screaming through the cock I was sucking off (which then began twitching, then spurting, filling my mouth with more seed.) Then it was down to the man screwing my boobs, and the man anally raping me. "Open your mouth" the tit-fucker ordered me. I obeyed, even slightly sticking my tongue out knowing what was coming. The man took his cock in his hand and stroked it. "Here it comes, whore...." he promised, taking aim at the my already cum-drenched mouth. Releasing, he shot a stream of jism which missed my mouth entirely, instead adding to the sticky mess already drying on my cheek's. The second spurt found its mark, gushing against the roof of my mouth in a seemingly endless stream. I closed my mouth to swallow but he kept cumming, coating my lips and splattering everywhere, up my nose and all over my chin, neck and in my hair. Then he slid his prick back into my mouth and pumped the remainder of his load down my throat.


Now only the man raping my ass was left, his name was Kyle. Leaving his cock inside my tender ass, he rolled me over and directed me to my hands and knees. He had not had a wide range of motion while pinned underneath me, but was determined to make up for it. Pulling his cock all the way out of me, he teased my rosebud of my asshole with his cockhead. Then with a swift motion he buried himself up to the hilt in my reamed asshole. I cried out in surprise and pain, as Kyle began sawing in and out of my ass. As he fucked me, Kyle caressed my asscheeks, which were reddened and covered with angry welts from the punishment I had suffered earlier. "Finger your cunt" Kyle demanded. I supported myself on one hand as I reached down and slipped a finger in my cum-filled pussy. "Now tell me how much you love being fucked." "Oh....Kyle...I love being fucked...." I choked. SMACK! Kyle's hand stung my ass. "YES! I love being fucked by you!!!!!" SMACK!!!! "More...." Kyle said. SMACK!!!!!! "MORE, KYLE OHGODFUCKME!!!!!!SPANK ME!!!!!!!FUCK ME!!!!!!" I was now thrusting back against him with the full force of my petite frame. my body was convulsing, confused by the mixed sensations. The sting of Kyle's hand, spanking my reddened, but still lovely, asscheeks.....the growing pleasure in my cunt, induced by my expert fingers.....the burning agony of Kyle's cock thrusting in and out of my worn, abused asshole. "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed, quite literally having been fucked senseless. Kyle could stand no more. Grabbing the my hips, he pulled me toward him, burying himself in my ass and releasing his cum into my anal canal, and collapsing on top of me. I, too, tears.


Daddy led  me to the ladies room, reminding me that there were four more groups waiting to gang fuck me, and that I had better hurry up and get myself cleaned up. Just glad to be away from Daddy for a few minutes, I fled to the safe heaven of the restroom. There was a letter for me to follow instructions, I had to get on new clothes, it said also how to clean myself and apply makeup again. The night seemed endless. I was fucked senseless.


The other group swarmed over me. One man grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head over his erect cock. As he filled my mouth, I felt hands all over my body. They grabbed my breasts; squeezing, pinching and mauling my tits. Those who could not reach my breasts ripped my clothes off my back and legs to maul my naked flesh. I was in shock. This seemed even more like a rape then it did before. I did not even feel the first man to enter my now exposed vagina. Suddenly he was just there, his hips banging against me as he propelled me forward onto the cock in my mouth. That man's cockhead was forcing its way into my throat, choking me, and making me light headed as it cut off my oxygen. The other took their places too. Then the man began brutally fucking my face, using his grip on my hair to force my mouth back and forth over his cock as he remained motionless. Now I could get quick gasps of air between strokes. I did not even try to resist the men who were brutally raping me. Instead, I lay passively over the table as the six men used me. I was concentrated on breathing and tried to push my rising panic to the back of my mind.


It was a long night. finally it was over, I was really exhausted, every time a group finished me I had to go to the bathroom, he cleaned up, and put on new sex clothes. When the last group stopped using me I fainted, how I wished I had fainted earlier. I was exhausted. I guess a day passed and I woke up. I was in my cell. all naked, cleaned up and with my body all oil up as usual. I stayed still for a while, I was recalling yesterdays event... it was a really long night. Daddy came and open my bedroom. He said "Slut, where is your lusty expression in your face?" then he pressed a button in his remote. a huge headache came. "I’ll leave you here for a while, and when I return I want to you learn how to look" he left the button pushed for a while, I wanted to die. It was awful, then the headache went away.  I quickly lead my hands to my pussy and start rubbing my clit. I had a lusty face, I was licking my lips moving my tongue around, so that when Daddy came in and watched me he saw that I was being a good little slut. He came in after a while He looked at me and by the rise coming for his pants I knew Id pleased him. He used me fast and hard, seeking only his pleasure, not mine. then when I was by his legs cleaning his cock from my fluids he said "We have guest tonight, Zack a son of friend of mine is turning today fifteen, and his dad wants to give him his first fuck with a whore as a present, and he’s having some of his friend over to, of course you realize that you are the gift and that Zack is very generous with his friend"


I did my routine, I went to the bathroom, to the shower, and applied baby oil on my private parts, as if they were private anymore. I sat down on the make up table and apply makeup. I looked for a note about what should I wear, the note said 'you're expected at the pool party in 15 minutes, use the yellow bikini with the yellow bikini top with zipper and matching shoes', I went to my wardrobe and picked up the bikini, I had no problem putting on the bottom part, it was quite reviling, the top part would of fit me perfect before my breast enlargement, but now I had to actually squeeze my tits in, and because of that I couldn't zip it all the way to the top. and the I put on a yellow high heels. I knew these outrageously high, high heeled shoes would be almost impossible to walk in. I could even feel how it bunched the backs of my legs and ass, as I was nearly standing on my toes.  I saw the timer and if I didn't run I would be late.. and Daddy wouldn't be happy if I was ate. and he wasn't happy I too wouldn’t b happy. I ran and the stiletto heels clicked loudly on the floor. I arrive at the pool just in time, there was nobody here and it surely didn't look like there was going to be a party here so I was a little confused, then Daddy came in and said "What are you waiting for, start getting the room ready, you don't expect me to clean up and set the tables and drinks do you? and hurry up the guest are due here in half an hour”. I quickly got the room ready, everything you would need for  a barbecue. I was  ready and Daddy allowed me to lay down on the pool chair. The a young boy walked in.. he was about my age but he looked so much younger and nerdy. He was very nervous, Daddy only gave me a quick glance  me to know to walk up to him and greet him "Sam this is Slut, Slut this is Sam", when I was going to him I smiled at him and occasionally glanced down at his crotch  lick my lips, as if in anticipation of getting my, mouth, hands, pussy and ass on what I was seeing. Sam wrapped his arms around me pulling me tightly against him, feeling my nipples into his chest as I bent down to kiss him.


He planted his lips on mine and immediately slipped his tongue into my mouth while his hands moved into back. He grabbed my ass an began sucking on my breast.,  he unzipped my bikini top unleashing my tits out, it was quite a relief. then he threw the bikini top away. Then Sam stuck his hand down between my legs, and started playing with my bikini covered pussy. As Sam pressed his fingers between my pussy lips, rubbing back and forth and soon I began to moan and tremble from the intensity of the orgasm, leaking out of my cunt and soaking my bikini. . The orgasm was so intense, that I even had to hold on to Sam, causing me to press my boobs hard into the boy, to prevent myself from falling as Sam fingered me into another orgasm.


Our Legs and arms intertwined, mouths sloppily sucking at each other, we wrestled together on the smooth tile. Me wearing only the yellow bottom daring bikini, my firm, tanned breasts flattened between me and the boy. His lean body twisting and straining beside me. As he rolled over me, my hand was working gently inside his red surfer trunks, teasing and stroking him under the loose material. he was rubbing my ass and shove his hand between the cheeks of my ass and the bikini he inserted his fuck finger all the way into my ass to then take it out and place it on my lips for me to suck.


Daddy with a Camcorder in hand, strolled outside and headed towards us. He stopped ten feet in front of us, kneeling to get the best angle as he taped me with my young customer.


Daddy interrupted and told us to follow him. We shared fist between me and Sam, fingers interlaced, my thumb moving slowly and gently over Sam's trembling hand. He glanced repeatedly at my exposed, bouncing breasts, the front of his trunks stained from the pre-cum of his still-erect penis. We followed Daddy into the Fuckroom, "Give him a quickly, the others will be here soon!" I couldn't help to think how many more would show up to sample my body, and in what ways would I be expected to satisfy them? Sam was a virgin, I could tell. He didn't know how to move very well.


Soon I heard the laughter and cheers of the others as they burst onto the tile deck. Sam's four friends carried two coolers to the side of the pool, each filled with assorted brands of their favorite beer. Sam and me went to meet them, we arrived we stopped as I was surrounded by the small crowd. They joked with me, boldly commenting on what parts of my body were their favorites. I paid attention as my eyes devoured every inch of the five well-muscled bodies. "Hi my name is Dave what's yours baby?" one of them said "Hello Dave my name is Slut" I said leaning in to kiss him on the lips and hug him to my fake boobs. "You certainly know how to pick them Uncle" Dave exclaimed to Daddy. "Hi I’m Henry" I moved over to him, pressing my lips against his and then opening them quickly as I felt his tongue snake into my mouth and pressed me half-naked body up against his, still clothed body.


"Let's eat!" Daddy shouted, as the rowdy group closed in on me. Opening more beer on the way, they headed for the grill, the smell of the freshly seared meat distracting them for the moment. Daddy loaded the food onto the plastic plates as they passed by, making sure to give me a special portion. He allowed he to eat with fork and knife and to sit on the table as he gave me a drug-laced meat. "We don't want to disappoint anyone, do we!" we started to eat, I was forced to feed myself the powerful drugs that would turn me into an insatiable slut for this evening's entertainment. They devoured the meal in gulps, most having seconds and thirds. Soon, half the beer was gone and the five grew impatient, becoming more aggressive, fondling and kissing me as their inhibitions melted away.


The sun had slipped over the horizon unnoticed as everyone's attention was fixed on me, preoccupied with the fantasies I evoked in each boy's hopeful imagination. The fall night air delivered a sudden chill, again ignored by the excited boys.


Daddy strolled to the middle of the group, then led me to the far end of the pool. He spoke quietly to me for a minute for instructions, then returned to a nearby chair to watch. After a long look at the leering boys, I slowly lowered the tiny yellow thong over my legs, stepping out of it as it fell onto the cool tile. They gasped, speechless for the first time tonight as they stared at my wet, swollen vagina, slick and pink, ripples of light flashing over me from the water below.


Carefully, I eased myself over the edge onto the inflated raft floating below me. Stretching my excited body over the length of it, I paddled to the center of the pool, hands and arms dipping into the warm liquid.


The surface of the pool glowed from submerged lights burning under the heated water. The bobbing raft was transparent, displaying me as though suspended on an undulating plane, six feet above the pool bottom. A smoky mist rose around me as the warm water met the cold night air, capturing the rippling luminescence, isolating it from the surrounding darkness.


Eyes closed, head arched backward, I placed both hands between my parted thighs. Opening myself to their hungry gaze, I spread my flowing liquids over the fleshy folds, fingers rolling and stroking the sensitive lips and hood. I began to pant, short little cries and moans escaping me, causing small clouds of breath to condense in the crisp air above me.


Unexpectedly sobered by the fantastic scene before them, they watched in stunned silence, with only an occasional "Jesus!" or "My God!" drifting quietly into the night air.


Frantic fingers finally coaxed an orgasm , hips rising and thrusting, head rolling from side to side as my wanton moans blended with the music, its slowing rhythms matching my gasping recovery.


Daddy stood, smiling proudly, more than satisfied with my performance. He watched the stunned boys as they gaped at the sleek, breathless vision floating before them. "I believe she wants some company, guys" he called, waiting for them to respond.


Glancing at each other for just seconds, they stripped off the dripping trunks and entered the pool, quickly surrounding me, pulling the raft to the shallow end. I rolled off the raft as they overturned it, finding me suspended by five pairs of exploring hands.


I stood helplessly as they held me, their stiff, bobbing cocks just visible under inches of the clear water. Each of my hands found smooth, hard torsos to my left and right, enjoying the response I brought to them as I ran my eager fingers over their lean chests and abdominal.


Sam eased past my submerged legs and entered the open space between them. my hands disappeared below the water, reaching for his erection, pulling him closer to my glowing, pink slit. He began to thrust instinctively as I rubbed him against my pouting labia, trying to find my flowing entrance. Once found, he filled me at once, plunging into me with adolescent abandon. I tried to draw him nearer, to run my hands over his young body, to see the lust in his eyes as he fucked me, but he resisted, standing between my straining thighs, ramming me repeatedly, possessed by the urgent need that now controlled him.


He came very quickly, the muscles of his arched back tensing as he released the hot semen deep inside me. Far from being satisfied, I pleaded with him as he pressed against me. "Please, no, not now, not yet!"


The others laughed as Eric pulled away from me, grinning from ear to ear. A second boy took his place at once, now eager to hear me beg him for more as he worked the head of his penis inside me. I moaned softly as he pumped his rigid young cock into me, splashing small waves of water onto my belly and breasts. He also orgasmed in minutes, throwing his head back and howling like a wolf in heat as his strong hands dug into the hard flesh of my upper thighs. Again disappointed, I cried, "Oh God, no!" as his cock fell from my burning pussy.


Each of the others waded between my spread legs, always masturbating into me, never satisfying the drug-induced lust that continued to torture me. Tiny, white snakes of semen rose to the surface of the water, dancing and twisting in the currents that flowed past my still hungry body.


I shamelessly begged them for more. I promised them everything from blowjobs to anal sex, clutching at them as they left the pool, humiliated as they joked and laughed at me


Tired and very drunk, they gathered their belongings, stopping to thank Daddy on their way out. As they left, everyone turned to take one last look at me. I stood at the edge of the pool, staring at them. My wet, naked body was silhouetted against the blue glow from the lighted pool behind me. The swollen features of my genitals were visible in the small space between my slim thighs. Tiny, sparkling droplets of water clung to my skin as I panted, incredulous, watching them wave goodbye


Daddy showed the boys to the door, then returned to the pool, looking slowly up and down my wet, trembling body. Extending a bony hand, he covered my crotch, slipping two fingers inside me. My eyes closed at once, moaning softly as I anticipated any relief he could offer. I opened my eyes suddenly, surprised as he began to lead me to the house using the two fingers, now digging into the engorged wall of my vagina.


Once inside, he towed me to the fuckroom. "Get on the bed, bitch" he ordered. I climbed onto the king-sized bed, displaying my swollen genitals as I crawled to the center. "On your back!" he spat. I rolled onto my back, eyes tearing with uncertainty as his instructions hit me like hammer blows.


Daddy now loomed over me at the foot of the bed, taking in my raging body. "Do you wanna get fucked?" he demanded. I studied him nervously, pausing for a dangerously long time before giving him my answer. "DO YOU WANNA GET FUCKED, YOU LITTLE SLUT?" he shrieked. "Yes, please" I answered quickly, terrified at his building rage. "Yeah, I thought so. Well, Slut, since those five guys couldn't satisfy ya, I thought I'd let some of my friends have a shot at ya, wait here" he left the room and came back later. Daddy intentionally stood at the open door for a very long time before coming in. I was so embarrassed, but my embarrassment turned into fear when I saw his dog. "Say hi to Max, Slut!" Daddy said as he noticed me staring at his dog. "I said say hi, slut!" He snapped when I didn't react. "Oh, hi, Max," I stammered. "Oh, c'mon!" Daddy was still not happy, "Is that how you say hi to a dog that's going to give you a good time? Get down on your knees and give him a nice little kiss!" He said, now laughing. I did as I was told. Kissing a dog isn't bad at all normally, but thinking what's going to happen next just gave me the creeps. After I had kissed the dog, Daddy wouldn't let me get up. "Stay there, you little bitch!" He said laughing as he took a leash. "You see how thoughtful I am!" He said cheerfully. Daddy grabbed me by my the collar on my neck, saying how I really looked a little bitch. "Look at her, Max," Daddy said, "is this little bitch good enough for you? Or should we go get a better one and leave this bitch to some stray dogs? , here is the deal you have to make a dog lick your pussy until you come, and if you don't come, I will have the dog fuck your brains out”.


We went into the backyard, with Daddy leading both me and Max from our leashes. "Okay, I guess both of you need to pee" he lead us to a tree. I tried to kneel down and pee like a human then I felt Daddy pulling my leash. "Like a dog, Bitch, pee like he does". He sure was ignorant, bitches don't pee to trees, they just seat down. Max smelled my ass after I pee, he passed his tongue once.. god how horny I was, I even could let a dog lick me out, but it wasn't my choice anymore. He lead us back to the fuckroom "Let's get this started!" Daddy said enthusiastically. I was told to sit on the coffee table. Daddy had removed the leash but I still had the collar on. "C'mon, Slut! Start playing with yourself!" he said. I felt so ashamed. I knew he had seen me do that, but this was different. I knew I was going to get licked by a dog afterwards. It was so humiliating. I looked up at Daddy pleadingly, but it was useless. "C'mon, you Slut! Do it! Or I'll just let the dog fuck you and save us all this trouble!" "Oh, no, please!" I said. Immediately, I cupped my breasts and began fondling them. Despite my nervousness, my nipples became hardened quickly. Then I reached down and began rubbing my pussy with one hand. I knew I was wet already. Every time I had to play with myself in front of people, there's this strange feeling inside me, like some kind of weakness. I think I must be sick but I couldn't help it. I began gasping as I got even more and more excited. I looked up and saw Max staring at me. Our eyes met, and I began rubbing myself faster. I thought Daddy was turned on too, he was quiet. "Go get her, Max," Daddy said gently as he gave the dog a push.


Max came over obediently and stopped when he was standing between my wide-spread legs. I reached out and caresses his head gently. Then I touched his nose with the hand that I used to play with myself. I was so nervous, my hand was trembling all the time. Max sniffed my hand, and then he began licking my juice-soaked fingers. I rubbed his head a bit, and then I began pushing his head down. Max struggled a bit and then he stopped, and I guess he must have smelt my pussy. He seemed to know what I was trying to do and obediently lowered his head until he was at my pussy, and then he began licking


"Oh!" I was totally taken by surprise and let out a moan. The feeling was so different. The warmth of his tongue, its roughness, and its length. The dog was licking me so hard that I felt like his tongue was entering my pussy sometimes. He was licking me randomly, and sometimes, when his tongue flickered on my clit so hard, I just couldn't help it and I had to cry out, and my whole body squirmed. "Look at her! She's getting really hot!" Daddy  whispered to the camera that was recording me, so id watch it some other night. His words pierced my heart. Here I am, getting licked but a dog and getting so turned on that I can hardly control myself! I grabbed Max's head and held it to my pussy steadily, I was desperate to feel his tongue on my clit again. “Yes! Ah!" I moaned, "Ah! Ah! Aaaaah!" I moaned again and again as Max hit his target. My whole body began to tremble as I felt an orgasm building up inside me, and I began grinding my hips against Max. "Oh! Oh! Max!" I closed my eyes and moaned as I came violently. I didn't let go of his head until my orgasm had subsided. And when I let him go, Max stopped obediently. Daddy pulled him away, and I just sat there on the floor, with my legs spread and my back leaning on the couch, panting, exhausted.


"Man that was hot!" he broke the silence. "Yeah, you're a real slut!, You see how you came! That's wilder than any of the porno film that I've ever seen!, Of course! you're name is Slut!" He said laughing. "Hey slut" he said as he turned to me and grabbed me by my hair, "did you enjoy it?" "I...I..." "I'm asking you a question slut! Answer me!" he said as he gave my hair a tuck. "Ouch! Y--yes, ouch," I whimpered. "Yes what?" "Y---yes I en--enjoyed it," I said meekly, my face burning, "I enjoyed being licked by a d--dog..." "Good, and what does that prove?" " proves that I am...I am a s---slut!" I finally said it. Yes, this is what I am. "Hmmm..." he interrupted in, "Well I guess just a little licking wasn't enough for my little slut here then!" I was still lying on the floor trying to catch my breath, "Ready for more fun, slut?" Daddy asked me. I looked at him and saw only evil in his eyes, and I knew it was useless to beg. Getting no answer from me, Daddy when to get two spreader bars from 'my' collection of toys in my slutroom. When Daddy came back, he ordered me to get down on all fours, then he cuffed my wrists to the two cuffs on one of the spreader bars, then cuffed my ankles to the other. "Now, doesn't she look like a little bitch?" Daddy asked laughing to Max. "What do you think, Max?". I bit my lower lip and waited for whatever pain that Daddy was going to inflict on me. "Wh---what...oh, no!" I cried out in horror as I realized what Daddy was planning. The dog's cock was erect, but it still seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, and he was letting out low grunts. "Daddy!" I said, my voice shaking, "you said you're only going to make the dog lick me! You..." "I lied" Daddy said. "But you promised!" I was almost shouting. "Did I?" Daddy retorted, "all I said was that we're going to have Max lick you. And since you enjoyed it so much, I'm sure you'll like this even more!"


In desperation, I tried to crawl towards the door, hoping to run away. But Daddy stopped me by putting his foot on the spreader bar that my feet were cuffed to. "Please, Daddy!" I pleaded, "Stop it! Oh, God, no, please!" I was hysterical. I jumped when I felt something touching my pussy. I looked back and saw that it was only Daddy. "Disappointed?" he laughed as he began rubbing my pussy. Although I was scared to death, under Daddy's skillful handling, my pussy was soon wet again with excitement, and as he began tickling my clit, I couldn't help but let out a moan and began wriggling. "Hmmm, I guess she's ready for you, Max," Daddy said giggling as he brought Max closer. "No, Daddy, please!" I pleaded as he guided the dog to me. He lifted its front legs and placed them on my back. As if he knew what he was doing, Max climbed forward until he was almost grabbing my shoulders, and I shuddered in horror as I felt his cock poking madly at my thighs. "Oh, God, no...oh!" I whimpered as I felt the head of Max's cock pressing against my lips. "Oh, God, oh," I sobbed and lowered my head in shame as Max pushed his way in. I'm being fucked by a dog! His cock was thick and very hard. With a quick jerk, Max was all inside me, and I could feel the base of his cock slamming against my pussy. Immediately, he began pumping me with quick hard jerks.


Urgh! Urgh!" I grunted as Max continued pumping me. I could feel his breath and his droll on my neck, and he would also lick me from time to time. I felt like my pussy was on fire. The dog was pumping me so quickly and forcefully that despite my horror I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter. I'm coming! I couldn't believe it, but I was. I could feel a powerful orgasm approaching, and my whole body trembled every time I felt the base of Max's cock slam against my lips. Suddenly I realized that it wasn't the base of the dog's cock. It was a bulge, and now he was trying to get it in! "Ah! Ah!" I moaned as I felt my lips being spread by the bulge, wider and wider. Then suddenly, the whole bulge was inside me, and my entire body was shaken by a powerful orgasm. "Oooooooow!" I closed my eyes and cried out loudly, but my cry soon turned to a cry of dismay when I felt that Max was shooting his cum inside me. A dog is coming inside me! He kept shooting and shooting as my body squirmed uncontrollably. He was still coming when my spasms finally subsided.


"Oh, oh," I was panting and shaking. Max had stopped coming now but was still inside me. The bulge at the base had locked his cock inside me! I'm stuck with a dog's cock in my pussy! "Please, get the dog off me!" I pleaded. "Oh, don't worry," Daddy said, "It will get off in maybe an hour or so, if the dog doesn't feel like another go! didn't you enjoy it, slut? Would you like Max to fuck your bitch's cunt again? when he's done using you can go to sleep" "No, please! Get him off me!" I begged, but he ignored me. Instead, he  went up to his room, and I was left in the fuckroom alone with Max. After he was gone, I tried to shake Max off me, but it wouldn't work, and it almost had the opposite effect. Max gave several jerks, like he wanted to start fucking me again. Horrified, I held still, and thankfully he didn't go on. After what seemed like ages, I felt his cock softened. I reached down and grabbed the base of it and gently pushed him out.


I felt horrible as the dog climbed off me. Quickly I ran  to the Slutroom. To clean myself up, and wash all the cum off me, especially Max's. After that I showered myself with oil and went to my bedroom to cry to sleep.


The next day before I was fully awake I felt him fucking my cunt. At first I was surprised so my muscles got all tensed up, I bet he enjoy that. Then when I realized where I was and was I had become at that moment he came inside me. Days passed , I was raped in the most inhuman ways both mentally and physical. The terrible thing was that I was getting used to it.


One day Daddy bought Big Screen, A computer and a Webcam. He told me to dress up in a red babydoll and commanded me to sit on the bed facing the webcam. "Slut, I quit my job so I could rape you more, but of course we need to receive some income. So I've opened you a website, what you have to do is very simple pretend to type on the keyboard when I type, yes I'll be typing for you,  and you have to do what ever your client tells you to do. You'll be working from 10pm to 4 am, except on special occasions." We waited a couple of minutes then a member logged on.


Lobo0312 :







One day I waited in the Slutroom, sitting in a chair. I had been ordered to put on a tight black miniskirt with matching panties and hose. Daddy and a couple of friends were in the room also. So far, the men had not sought to break in the bed at the blonde slut's expense. After my latest rape I could barely walk. Occasionally one of the men fondled or groped me, but other than that they did nothing but wait. The door opened, and in came Whore, escorted by owner and some other men. Whore's owner was carrying a whip known as the ‘cat of nine tails’. Whore was dressed in a red plaid knee-length skirt and a white blouse. In this outfit, she looked like a young girl from some preppy school. Of course, her  white hosiery completed the illusion. Whore was shoved toward the chair next to me.


As Whore took a seat, I softly brushed her arm. "You OK sweetie?" I whispered. The other woman nodded---although she looked anything but. Daddy silenced me. "Oh, how touching," he haughtily teased. "So much concern for your co-worker. Don't a little while, you'll be worried only about your own pathetic ass." he stopped to open the Slutroom door for three more of his associates.....who were carrying video recording equipment, I noted with a sinking feeling (but with no real surprise--I was accustomed to having my humiliation carefully documented). As the video equipment was set up around the bed, Daddy  addressed everyone present. "OK....time to place your bets. Is it going to be Miss Flat-chest, or Miss Big Tits?" Both Whore and I looked confused. "Don't worry, girls," Our tormentor continued. "The rules of the contest will be explained to you in a few minutes"


Whore spoke with quiet certainty. "I will not participate in any kind of contest for your pleasure." Several of the spectators snickered at this. "No?" Daddy countered. "Scott, would you come up here, please? Please explain to lil Miss Whore here what it is you have in your hand." "Gladly" Scott sneered. "The cat o' nine tails. So named because it's actually nine tiny whips. If used right, it can be extremely painful, yet leave very few marks." "Thanks," Daddy said. "Now, would you please demonstrate on Miss Whore's pathetic little tits?" "Sure....if you insist on glorifying them by calling them tits...."


Whore, struck with fear, spoke. "No...please I'm sorry!" As she continued to beg, A man grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back, presenting her breasts to Scott, who took aim.


CRACK!!!!! "PLEASE!!!!!! I'M....."



Daddy raised his hand. "There. That should be enough to keep the Whore from talking back like that." The cameras were now set up and ready to record whatever unthinkable humiliation these evil men had concocted for the evening. "Now, here are the rules for the contest." His eyes met Whore's, as if to say, I dare you to say something, bitch. But Whore stayed quiet. Daddy went on. "Let me first tell you what happens to the loser. I have made arrangements  with a man in the Middle East, who is a collector of women from all over the world. A slaver. The loser will be sold to him, and you will spend the rest of your life serving in some remote part of the world, with no hope of release or escape." To stir the pot, he added, "I've heard that he brands his women. I'm also told that he and his friends love anal do the various animals he raises on his farm...I’m sure Slut has no problem with that, but you live in heaven compare to what your life would be over there"


My face was a mask of horror. Whore, tears streaming down her face, was silent nonetheless. "Now...the rules. The playing field is this beautiful king sized bed. Anyone who leaves the playing field, is subject to a whipping, courtesy of Scott's little toy." Scott held up the cat of nine tails as Daddy continued. "The first penalty will result in one lash with the whip. The second penalty...two....the third...three....well, I'm sure you get the idea. Except for you, Slut....since you're too much of a stupid bimbo....but you'll figure it out. Now, here's a little twist....if you get a penalty, your opponent gets to decide where you'll get whipped. The objective of the game is simple." Daddy produced a rather large, 8 inch cream golden colored dildo, lying it in the very center of the bed. "The first person who gets this toy all the way into her opponent's ass is the winner." We were horrified. "Please don't make us do this," I pleaded. "Please, I can't....anything else but this...." Whore implored. "Fine. Then you'll just both get whipped until you take your positions on the bed. And then, you'll both get whipped until one of you starts the game." Resignedly, We allowed ourselves to be led to opposite corners of the king sized bed, where we knelt facing each other. Our eyes met, and an understanding passed between them. This was survival. No holds barred. "Slut is bigger and probably stronger.....but Whore has a much tighter ass since Slut likes to have hers stuffed with cock all the time" Daddy commented. "All in all, a pretty even contest! Now, let's get started...." A nod to Scott, who was now wielding the whip. He landed a blow with it on Whore's behind, and Whore slowly moved toward the middle of the bed on her knees. As Scott crossed over to where I was kneeling, I said "OK....OK!!!!" and reluctantly crept toward Whore. We circled the dildo, each waiting to pounce on the other if she picked it up. Whore made her move first. But instead of reaching out for the toy, she swatted it past me and toward the head of the bed. I went after it, turning my back to Whore. Who then came at me and shoved me with all the strength she could muster, sending me careening off of the bed. I yelped in surprise, grabbing onto a handful of the Whore's shirt and pulling, trying to take Whore with me. But the petite woman was ready for it, and hooked her feet firmly on the opposite edge of the bed. I succeeded only in tearing a few buttons of Whore's shirt, which was left partially open, leaving one small, breast visible. "Well! Looks like we have our first penalty! Good move!" Daddy complimented. "Where shall we do the honors with the whip?" "H....her .....b... b..b...behind.....?" Whore indicated what she meant by pointing to my backside. Scott, accordingly, lifted the hem of my dress, exposing my heart-shaped ass. Raising the whip with a little smile, he brought it whistling down on its target. I gasped but did not scream or cry. It hurt, but it was over now. And I still had the dildo in hand! So I was in pretty good shape. Daddy called "time out" and took the whip from Scott. "Our new fucktoy seems to have a problem with her vocabulary. 'Her BEHIND'?" Daddy mimicked. "We have no idea what that is. Now, if you were to say, 'the slut's ASS'....then we would know what you meant!" Continuing: "There will be a new rule, applicable only to Miss Flat-chest. Whenever you fail to use language which is befitting of a little whore like you, you'll be whipped. Now, I'm going to give you a lesson." Daddy forced the woman to stand. "This," he explained, raising the whip and bringing it crashing down on Whore's backside, "is your ass." he raised the whip again. "This is your CUNT." Bringing the whip down with a CRACK!!! to emphasize the last word. "Other answers I will accept are PUSSY (CRACK!!!!) or FUCK-HOLE (CRACK!!!) And these are TITS!!! (CRACK!!!!) Now you try it." Daddy proceeded to whip Whore on her breasts, pussy and ass, imploring her to recite the new descriptions she had learned for each. Tearfully and ashamed beyond belief, the prim young Asian girl dutifully practiced her new vocabulary. Finally her tormentor was satisfied, and Whore was allowed to return to her corner on the bed. During all this, I had tucked the dildo down my dress, safely between my tits, realizing that I'd need both hands to get Whore pinned and then to force the toy into her virgin ass.


Whore saw the toy nestled in my ample cleavage. She grabbed for it, getting  a handful of my dress instead. She pulled, resulting in a loud  RIP!!!! as the front of the dress tore. Cheers rose as my tits popped did the dildo. Both of us wrestled for it, but it fell off the bed. Before either of us could reach down and get it, one of the men enjoying the spectacle kicked it away from the bed. One of the girls would now have to get off the bed to get it. For now, I surveyed my ruined dress. "You BITCH!!!!" I spat as I came after the tiny Asian woman. Grabbing Whore's hair, I pulled her head down, and sat on the back of her head. Then I took the back of Whore's shirt in both hands, and pulled until all the buttons gave way, then pulled the shirt off her arms. Whore was topless now. Pressing on, I began working on getting her out of her skirt as well. But Whore was squirming her way free and finally repelled me. Pulling my  skirt back up, the young sheltered woman suddenly realized that she was topless and that her bare breasts were exposed to everyone in the room. Embarrassed by this, she put one arm over her chest and looked around for what was left of her shirt. And that was when I rammed her full-force, sending her flying off the bed and onto the floor with a resounding THUMP! It would now be Whore's turn to take a whipping.


Scott, wielding the cat of nine tails, was awaiting instruction. "On her tits" I requested. Whore had thought that the cat of nine tails was painful through her clothes. On her naked breasts, it was excruciating. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, unwilling to give these people any satisfaction. Many pairs of pants had been unzipped by now, and hard cocks were sticking out and being stroked. For the second lash, I requested Whore's back. As Whore took her whipping, I reminded her to not forget the dildo. Recovering the dildo, Whore got back on the bed. Immediately I tried to use my strength to push Whore back onto the floor, for another penalty whipping. But the smaller woman was actually quite strong for her size, and the only thing I accomplished was to allow Whore to tear the rest of the black dress off of me. The men hooted and whistled as my body was uncovered. I was now clad only in a pair of black panties and matching hose. As we warily crouched in our corners of the bed, my tits jiggled and swayed, much to the delight of the onlookers. "Intermission!" Daddy cried. "I'm sure the spectators would like to take a little break. In the meantime, our two toys will 69 for your viewing pleasure." The whip-happy Scott moved in to enforce this. I quickly straddled Whore's face, lowering my own face to the Whore's cunt and arching my back slightly to make up for the difference in their height. Pulling Whore's skirt up and moving her panties to the side I dove right in, tongue first. my opponent gasped. Whore had her cunt raped by about a dozen different men in the past day. But this was the first time she had had a tongue used on her DOWN THERE....and she thought to herself that it wasn't bad at all. Except....I was biting Whore's clit. Hard. "Lick me," I hissed urgently.


Whore just found it too disgusting. "I.....can't....." "Listen Whore....I'm not about to get whipped because of you. LICK ME." I demanded. Reluctantly, Whore began licking  me..... through the lace fabric of my panties. "Oh, for God's sake." I grabbed my black lace panty and pulled it to the side, and began fucking Whore's face. Finally, hesitantly, Whore began eating my pussy. Whore's gasping and moaning grew louder and louder. Nicole wasn't as skilled, but it would do. After several minutes, Daddy separated us. This was met by groans, which he silenced. "These two fuckholes need their supply of protein so they can continue the contest for you. Anyone who's interested in helping can form two lines, and I'm sure these two will be glad to service you with their slutty mouths." Eight men lined up....four in front of each us. I slobbered and devoured the cocks ravenously until each of them, in turn, exploded in my mouth. With Whore, the amateur cocksucker, each man basically grabbed her head and simply fucked her mouth, filling her mouth with cum, much to her distaste. As one man pulled out of the mousy little thing's mouth, jacking off all over her face, I noted her look of utter revulsion and her eagerness to wipe the seed away. And it gave me an idea. Turning back to the next man in line, I resumed my cocksucking service.


When the contest resumed, Whore made as if she was going to cautiously circle around the dildo again. I crawled right toward my opponent, then opened my mouth and spit the entire mouthful of cum I had been holding there, into Whore's face and all over her hair. Whore's hands flew to her face trying desperately to get the filthy slime off of her. In the confusion, I managed to deprive the other woman of her skirt, as well as dumping her on the floor. Whore took two lashes of the whip on her tits, and one on her thigh. She did her best to clean her face before being led back onto the bed. I came right at her, tits bouncing and swaying. Driving the poor girl to the edge of the bed, then pushing her off, making a grab for Whore's plain, white cotton panties and getting a handful. Unfortunately I lost my balance and came crashing down onto the floor right beside Whore.....but I got Whore's panties off in the process. Both of us had four lashes coming. Whore got two on her bare ass, and two on her bare pussy. "P...please! Not....down there....." she had begged, earning herself four more on her cunt.) I got one on each breast and one on each sole of my bare feet. I howled in agony. As we got back onto the bed, I reflected that I was in pretty good shape. Whore was now completely naked, save her hosiery. Aside from the fact that the girl's nakedness was completely humiliating her, Whore's asshole would now be easily accessible. But I knew that I wouldn't be able to get the fake cock into the her virgin asshole without lubrication. I reached for the toy, and Whore made no move to stop me. Popping the dildo in my mouth, I began slobbering all over it. With lightning speed, Whore moved. Getting behind me, she grabbed hold of the base of the dildo with both hands and pulled, forcing it deeper into my mouth. I struggled, but the plastic cock inexorably moved further and further into my mouth. I was now gagging on it and gasping for air. Realizing that my only hope was to pull us both onto the floor, thus stopping the contest for a mutual whipping, I leaned forward. But Whore was prepared. She leaned back, pulling me down on top of her while continuing to grip the dildo with all her strength. my face, normally a healthy tan, was now turning blue. Desperately I clawed at the Asian girl's hands, trying to dislodge them from the dildo. But it was no use. I Lost....I thought, and blacked out.


When consciousness floated back, I was aware of all the men surrounding the bed and cheering. I was also aware of a pressure in my ass. Whore, sitting on top of me, was sliding the dildo into my ass. Five inches had disappeared into my anal canal. Now six. I clenched my sphincter muscles, slowing the progress of the anal invader. Whore redoubled her efforts. Scott leaned over and spoke to my ear. "Looks like you're gonna lose and get sold as a harem slave.... but it looks like it was what you wanted" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" I clenched down on the dildo in my ass, forcing it back out. Whore was losing her grip, and I was regaining my strength. Finally the dildo came out of my ass with an obscene popping noise. It was music to my ears. Now shoving Whore off of me, I went on the offensive. After a struggle, I pinned the petite woman and retrieved the now slimy dildo. Lining it up with the tiny pucker of Whore's virgin asshole, I pushed. But the other girl squirmed, and the toy ended up in her cunt instead. I began to pull it out, but then had another idea. I slid the toy back up Whore's snatch, fucking the prude for all she was worth. I got lucky and hit Whore in just the right spot, making her cum instantly. Continuing the dildo fuck, I lowered my tongue onto Whore's clit and began teasing. Whore gave up any semblance of struggle or resistance and her hands grabbed my blonde head, guiding me exactly where she needed to be licked. Whore's screams of ecstasy cut the room, as she came over and over, juices flowing from her cunt. My tongue not missing a beat on Whore's clit, I pulled the dildo out and plunged it into the Whore's tight, innocent asshole. Her screams deteriorated into incoherent shrieks, but her hands never left the back of my head. And I didn't stop licking the juices from the girl's snatch....even after the dildo was buried to the hilt in Whore's ass, and the future harem slave was ‘down for the count’.


Daddy discarded the hypodermic needle after injecting Whore. "By the time she wakes up, she'll be in the cargo hold of a freighter in international waters." As I watched with part horror, part morbid fascination, Daddy's friends stuffed the unconscious Whore into a cube-shaped crate which was barely two feet on a side. "Just think, Slut....she was a virgin. And the only intimacy she'll ever know in her entire life, is that which comes from being brutally gang-raped. And," he finished with a sad smile, "it's all because of you!" My eyes filled with guilt and tears. "Slut....I own you. And I will own you for the rest of your life...or until I tire of you and send you off to the Middle East to join your friend there." With that, Daddy walked away. I was so numb with shame and guilt that I didn't even notice when the men finished packing the crate, and pulled me onto the bed for a celebratory gang-fuck.



Daddy had given me some new rights witch included to go to town. But everytime I had to stop at the lingerie store and try on some new outfits and ask any one nearby how I looked, of course every time I did that I ended up being fuck. I was also required by Daddy to work out three times a week at Jimmy's Gym, one of Daddy's closes Friend, so he could keep an eye on me. At the gym, I was a magnet for men (and a few of the women as well). This was no surprise, considering the risqué apparel Daddy had given me for my workouts. This consisted of a white tank top which was cut off a few inches above my navel (when I worked up a sweat, my brown nipples were also plainly visible through the white fabric), and a pair of black shorts which were....well....short. Whenever I attended high energy aerobics, numerous men always gathered to view the impressive spectacle of my breasts bouncing and jiggling up and down in a frenzy. I did my best to ignore my audience, but I could always feel their eyes burning into my chest. And the worst part was, I knew it was inevitable that I would be approached and propositioned after the workout session ended. And according to the rules Daddy had made up for me, I was not allowed to say ‘no’ to any man or woman when it came to sex. Last time I had done so, and word had gotten back to Daddy, I had been made to walk around for a whole day with a dildo in my ass.


 I was required to ‘check in’ with my owner on a constant basis. Because of the constant time constraints, when propositioned at the gym, I would often come right out and offer to walk the suitor out to the bathroom and treat him to a blowjob. Then I would swallow, lick the man clean and head right back into the gymroom for more humiliation. I was doing my workout when Jimmy showed up at the gymroom. Walking up to the treadmill I was using, he pressed the ‘stop’ button, then stepped up next to me. "Slut," he whispered in my ear, "go to the steam room and wait for me there. And....I do love your attire,'s probably not needed in the steam room." Before I could object, Jimmy briefly sucked on my earlobe and then was gone. Five minutes later clad only in a white towel (the biggest I could find, not that I expected it to make a difference), sat and waited in the dimly lit, steamy steam room. Thankfully, the gym was nearly deserted today and I was alone. Not for long, however, as I was soon joined by Jimmy, also nude except for a standard issue gym towel. His, however, had a slight bulge in the front, which quickly grew as he sat down next me "Stand up, Slut," I was ordered. Holding my towel, I complied, standing before Jimmy. "Now take off the towel." "Jimmy--" I implored. "Do I need to call your Daddy?" he asked softly. That got me moving, slowly opening the towel to expose my enormous silicone-enhanced tits and my hairless cunt. Jimmy's eyes drank in the delicious sight for a while. "OK now spread the towel out on the floor." I did this. "Now lie on it....on your back. Spread your legs and show me your beautiful cunt." "Jimmy--please! Someone might--" I nervously looked toward the door. "Slut, don't make me have to tell you twice. I'm in a good mood today but don't push it," Jimmy whispered pleasantly. So I reluctantly lie down and spread my legs. "Now take your hand and play with that beautiful cunt for me, dear." I obediently began rubbing my clit. "You really do have a lovely bald cunt, Slut. I sincerely wish that your Daddy would allow you to have a neatly trimmed snatch." Jimmy had pulled his cock out from under the towel, and was slowly stroking it. I now was steadily massaging my clit between two fingers. "You know my wife is here to be honest, I hope when she finds out about this, she'll help in coming up with a torture for you. Finger fuck yourself now," Jimmy added. My middle finger sank into my wet cunt. Slowly, I worked it in and out, gradually picking up speed. My breathing increasing slightly along with my tempo. Jimmy's hand also quickened its pace a bit on his prick. After watching me jack myself off for a while, Jimmy asked, "What do you want to happen now, Slut?" "I don't know....what--" "I'm asking you. It's up to you. If you want, I can decide for you." This struck me as odd. Typically, Jimmy enjoyed dominating me and humiliating and inflicting pain on me...usually by my ass which Jimmy had a real fetish for. So maybe there was a chance to keep Jimmy's monster cock out of my ass--this time. "I....I want you in my....mouth....." I explained as I fingered myself. This was fine with Jimmy, and he said so. On my hands and knees, me naked went over to the bench Jimmy was sitting on. Pulling his towel away, and now both of us were completely naked. I marveled at his prick which was actually very sexy, and just the size I liked them to be. Too bad we couldn't have met under different circumstances,....circumstances such as he not being a complete, utter creep....suppressing the thought, I took Jimmy's cock in my hand and took over stroking it, and gliding my tongue over the tip. Insistently, Jimmy grabbed the back of my head, making it clear what he wanted. Parting my lips, I took him in. Jimmy was larger than average, but I  had no problem getting him all the way in my mouth, up to his hairy balls. My entire mouth, all the way into my throat, was stuffed with his manhood. I was able to keep from gagging only through the skill I had learned from sucking cocks hundreds of times over the past few months. Gently, I took Jimmy's hand away from my head (he actually allowed this), then lifted my head so that only about half of his cock filled my mouth. Then back down taking him all the way in again. Then all the way out, till just the purple tip of his dick was in my mouth. Steadily bobbing up and down on his meat, picking up speed. I was deep throating so well that my lips were actually leaving traces of my ruby red gym-slut lipstick on his balls. Jimmy sat back and enjoyed the ride, watching me at work. I was an amazing cocksucker. His wife Kimberly couldn't even come close when it came to cocksucking. But, then again, Kimberly wasn't sucking off dozens of men a week like I was, either. Jimmy grabbed a handful of my golden blonde hair, and pulled my head away. Jimmy's cock, covered with the my drool, popped out of my mouth. Without being told, I faced away from Jimmy, and lowered my juicy box onto his erect prick. Gasping as he penetrated me, finishing the job my fingers had started. "Play with my tits," I whispered. "Slut, don't forget who you're talking to. Beg me for it." "Oh Jimmy....please play with this Slut's tits.....she needs it bad...." All while bouncing on his lap. Jimmy reached around and began playing with my enormous jugs. I knew that Jimmy was going to do what he wished with me, so I knew that I might as well enjoy the ride. In this instance it wasn't very hard. Jimmy actually fucked me very well, when he wasn't busy mauling my tits, forcing his cock up my tight asshole or otherwise inflicting excruciating pain on me as usual. I adjusted myself slightly, altering the angle at which Jimmy's prick was entering my cunt. "Right--THERE--just the right spot!" I threw my head back and increased my tempo. Wanting to get more momentum, I went too far on my up stroke, and Jimmy's cock popped out of my cunt. I gasped, then guided him back in and resumed. I easily found the right spot again, and urgently humped my lover. Making up for lost time. Both of us were moaning rather loudly. Neither of us cared if anyone might come in, or hear us from the hallway which connected the two locker rooms. "OH SLUT....I'M GONNA CUM....YOU'RE SO FUCKING GOOD....SLUT....." Jimmy cried out. "I love....being your it feels....SO GOOD....." I gasped in return. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YES!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!!!" my cunt erupted, spewing juice all over his cock. In turn, this made Jimmy take his hands off my tits, grab my waist, and urgently guide me up and down in frenzied, primal fucking. His cock then exploded, sending his jism deep inside me. This made me cum yet again.


"AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH YYYYYES!" For the moment, I was no longer a pleasure toy, for the use and abuse of Daddy and his associates. No doubt, when Jimmy saw me, he would treat me like the worthless piece of meat that Daddy had decreed I was. But at this moment, I was simply a bitch in heat, seeking to have my dripping wet cunt thoroughly screwed, and I was getting it. When Jimmy had finished cumming, he lifted me off of him. "Do you know what I want now, Slut?" With animal lust in my eyes, I responded. "You want this Slut to clean her juices off your cock...." waiting for a confirmation, I did just that, licking Jimmy thoroughly from cockhead to balls, then taking him back into my warm wet mouth. The door to the steam room opened. Without taking Jimmy out of my mouth, my eyes  darted to the door. It was Jimmy's wife, Kimberly. "There you--" Spying me, Kimberly demanded, "What the hell is going on here?" "She begged me to come in here with her," Jimmy replied, his voice full of innocence. "Then, she tore my towel off and started fucking me like a bunny." Kimberly's eyes narrowed at me.


"You...little....fucking....SLUT!!!" I suddenly realized that my mouth was still stuffed full of Jimmy's cock. Which was stirring again. I lifted my head. Though this was obviously staged by Jimmy and Kimberly, I tried to appeal to her. "Kimberly--" "Shut up, Slut. Get your towel on and come with me." Gathering my towel, I hurried to catch Kimberly who was already leaving the room. Kimberly led me to the next room over, which contained the health club's hot tub, which at the moment was deserted. "Take off your towel and get in," Jimmy's wife demanded. I tentatively put a foot in the hot water. The other woman shoved me the rest of the way in. "Now wait here" I was told. As Kimberly left the hot tub room, I sank as low as I could in the hot water, to conceal my stark nakedness. As usual, it wouldn't matter in the end. Soon Kimberly appeared in the doorway, accompanied by two young men wearing only swimming trunks. The three conversed, eyeing me. Then the two men got into the hot tub, sandwiching me. Grinning, the men got out of their trunks and tossed them out of the hot tub. One of the men began exploring my pussy and tits with his hands. The other grabbed my hand and placed it around his rapidly growing cock. Kimberly was watching, so I had no choice but to give the men whatever they wanted. So I jacked the young man's cock, while his friend roughly probed at my cunt. I got the first man off rather quickly with my hand. He gasped and emptied his load into the scalding hot water, then retrieved his shorts and left the hot tub. His friend, who had probably been inhibited about performing in front of another man, immediately became more vocal and dominating. "I want my dick sucked" he ordered me. I started to guide the young man. "OK sweetie....why don't you sit on the edge--" But he stopped me. "I'm staying right here. You're the Slut bring your mouth to me." I started with surprise. His cock was under two feet of hot water! How would I ever-- My thoughts were interrupted when the young man grabbed my head and forced me underwater, down to his crotch. Panicking, I fought him. But he was very strong and easily held my head under the water. Finally, I realized that resistance was going to get me nowhere....except possibly drowned. Finding his hard cock, I took it into my mouth and bobbed up and down for a few strokes. Then he finally released my head and I came to the surface, desperately gasping for air. Then it was back down again for more underwater fellatio. He made me stay down there for longer this time. Then back up for a little air.... then back down again for more cock. I found that it was easier if I held my nose while I sucked the young man off. "Almost ready to cum, Slut," the young man informed me on one of my trips to the surface. I took all the air my lungs could hold, and went down on him ravenously. After a minute or so I was filled with a mouthful of jism. I came to the surface, gratefully sucking in air. When I opened my eyes and wiped the water out of them, I saw that the young man was putting on his trunks, and that a rather large, very well built black man,  was waiting to take his place. Before he got in the hot tub, he removed his shorts. I gasped at the size of his equipment. He had to be at least 12 inches, maybe more! Thankfully for me, the man wasn't looking for an underwater blowjob. I didn't know if even a seasoned blowjob expert such as myself could take such a large cock in my mouth. I took it in my cunt instead, sitting on the black man's lap and facing him. It hurt at first, as this was the biggest cock I had ever had. But I took it in stride and was soon easily (though not painlessly) fucking the man. As I rode the enormous black cock, my tits bounced but never quite cleared the water, instead appearing to float like twin buoys. The man I was fucking watched this spectacle with fascination. We fucked like this for nearly 45 minutes, and the man still showed no signs of letting up. Kimberly was watching from the doorway the whole time. Each intrusion of the giant cock brought new pain, but any time I slowed down, my partner would grab one of my nipples and cruelly twist it. Things could have been worse I though....I had somehow managed to cum twice during the vaginal invasion of this unthinkably huge cock. The black man directed me to get up, explaining that he would now like to sample my tight asshole. My face paled and my eyes grew wide. "'re too wouldn't fit....please...." I pleaded. The man looked over to Kimberly accusingly. "You told me this girl would give me some ass! What's up with that?" Kimberly began coming over. "Is there a problem here, Slut? Shall I call your Daddy and see if he might be able to help?" A vision arose unbidden in my mind, of Daddy pressing my remote an the big headache coming right away in my head and leaving it on for a while. Aloud, I begged, "No...just...Kimberly PLEASE, for God's sake, he'll rip me apart! PLEASE." But my pleas fell on deaf ears. The large black man had me kneel on one of the steps which led out of the hot tub. Unable to reason with Kimberly, I tried instead to plead with him. "Please.....I can take you in my mouth and give you a real nice blowjob. Don't you want to see my lips wrapped around that nice big-fat cock? Please....PLEASE...." The black man ignored my pleas as well. He stood on a lower step, and spit on his cock to lubricate it. As he placed his cockhead at the opening of my unwilling asshole, I continued to beg and plead for mercy, even as I grabbed the handrails leading out of the hot tub and gripped them for dear life, my knuckles turning white. As the humungous black cock slowly sank into my hapless ass, Kimberly remarked lightly, "Sure would suck to be you right now...." Then she left the room, thoughtfully shutting the door out of courtesy to the other members of the health club. She smiled to herself as the sound of my screaming and begging faded with distance.




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