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                                           X53211, Plantation Slave


The beautiful naked blonde hung by her chained wrists from the whipping post  on the auction block, her body still bearing the scars of her vicious bullwhipping at the hands of the disciplinarian. She had received 100 lashes with the «  special »  bullwhip which was only used on incorrigible slaves  who dared to try to escape. She was easily identified by the numbers which had been branded deeply into her breasts. « X53 » on the right breast and « 211 » on the left. The intense tropical sun beat down on her naked flesh adding to her agony. The auctioner shouted :

_This slave tried to escape from the plantation of her owner, Madame B. She is to be sold as horseflesh only, orders of Madame B. She has been branded and as you can see she has been tit-ringed and cunt-lipped ringed. She is ready to be harnessed to your plows, waterwheels, carts, etc. I will start the bidding at 1000.


The bidding went quickly since there were many buyers who would love to own this beauty. Finally X53211 was sold to Madame L , a sadistic lesbian who hated beautiful women such as X53211. The slave was thrown in the back of a buckboard and taken to the plantation of Madame L. The next morning she was chained to a plow alongside a real pony. The pony was chained to the plow by her leather harness but X53211 was chained by her tit-rings. Both « ponies » wore steel bits to which their reins were fastened. Reins were also attached to the cuntrings of X53211. This was to « encourage » her lest she should not keep the pace.


The pace set by the slavedriver was merciless. Again and again the carriage whip fell across the naked flesh of the unfortunate blonde but she could not keep the pace . At noon she collapsed. She was quickly revived and taken to the whipping post where she received 20 lashes with the cat -of -nine -tails. After this punishment she was again chained to the plow and lashed with the carriage whip until the slavedriver was satisfied. Needless to say at sundown when the team was stopped , X53211 was exhausted. But her agony was not over for the day. She still had to satisfy the guards sexually as well as the guard dogs. She was only horseflesh in the eyes of her owner and she would perform as such or face the consequences. Soon she would also have to sexually satisfy the horses but first she would labor as a horse and be treated as such.


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