SexStory1 » Forcibly transformed into a sissy

It was a warm summer’s day when it all began; I was a successful 34 year old, businessman man, with a large house, flash car, and a beautiful wife. As it was a Sunday I was out for any early morning walk, having just finished making love to my 27 year old wife Lorna, when suddenly a large black car screeched to a halt just before me. In a flash 4 burly men jumped out and I was unceremoniously shoved into the back. At the time I thought it may be some kind of kidnap attempt, little did I know that what lay in store for me was to be much, much worse.

The events of the next few hours were somewhat of a blur, I must have been drugged or something. Eventually I came around to find myself stripped naked, except for a pair of black stockings and suspenders, strapped down to a bed in a small dark cell-like room. My eyes slowly adjusting to the light I was amazed to discover standing before me my 30 year old Personal Assistant Ms Jones, and a young black man aged about 20 or so, who I think was called Wayne worked as a security guard at my office.

“Release me now” I demanded, trying to sound assertive in the unlikely position of being strapped naked in front of the pair of them.

“I don’t think you’re in a position to demand anything John” replied Ms Jones in a sarcastic tone, much to Wayne’s obvious delight.

“But I don’t understand, what’s going on, and why am I wearing these women’s stockings” I gasped.

Smirking Ms Jones began to reveal all, apparently she and Wayne had abducted me with a view to herself taking over as boss of my firm, and with Wayne moving in on my wife Lorna. In almost stunned silence I listened as she told of how I was to go missing with out a trace, a suicide note left by her was to be taken as written by my own hand. If that wasn’t bad enough Wayne also informed me that unbeknown to myself in resent weeks he’d become quite friendly with my wife, and with me out of the way there would be little problem in turning this friendship into much more.

I could hardly believe my ears, but that still didn’t explain why I was wearing the stockings and suspenders, I asked.

“Ah I was coming to that, obviously we don’t want to kill you or anything like that John”, informed Ms Jones, “actually it was Wayne’s idea, we’re going to transform you into a little sissy” she laughed.

“Yes by the time we’ve finished with you, even your own mother wouldn’t recognise you. You’re to be given a complete sex change, when we’re done every last bit of your manliness will be banished forever“. roared Wayne.

The following week turned out to be a complete nightmare, I spent the whole time strapped to the bed being mentally tortured by Ms Jones and Wayne. The worst part of all was that unknown to my wife the pair of them set up a series of secret cameras all over my house. Every room had one, with the picture being displayed on a bank of TV sets positioned at the end of my small room.

There I was forced to lay helplessly, watching the every movement of my stunning wife. Although there was no sound I could watch her every movement, the worst part being watching my captor Wayne spending a few house each day comforting her on my apparent suicide.

As the weeks went by so Ms Jones and Wayne began the process of turning me into a woman. Each and every day I was force fed a collection of various pills. At first the changes were hardly noticeable, my nipples became sore and a little enlarged, and my penis and testicles seemed to somewhat shrink in size. After a month or so the changes taking place in my body had become far more noticeable. My genitals were now shrunken to less than half their previous size, I no longer grew facial hair, and most notable of all I began to grow a pair of breasts. By the second month by bust was a pert 32A, by the third a round and firm 34B, and the fourth month an impressive bra bursting 36C

Throughout this time adding to my torment I was forced to suffer the pain of watching Wayne and my wife becoming closer by the day. Inevitably one fateful day I witnessed the crushing act of my black captor seducing my poor unsuspecting wife.

Sat on the edge of my bed I could only look on with horror as Wayne made love to my wife on the TV set before me. As it turn out he turned out to be very well endowed, he must have been 8 inches or more, broken man I looked down with tears in my eyes at my now shrunken member, lifeless and limp a pitiful 1 inch in length.

Finally after some 6 months of being held a prisoner the time had arrive for my sex change operation. By now I cared so little what happened to me that I put up virtually no fight as I was taken to the surgery where my operation was to be performed. Slowly I drifted to sleep as the Dr and nurse stood over me, what lay ahead for me when I awoke only god knew.

Slowly I began to come around, there I lay back in my tiny cell with Ms Jones and Wayne standing over me. Helping me to my feet I shakily made my way towards a large full length mirror.

“Oh god what have you done” I cried. Almost fainting with shock.

Starting from top to bottom I could no longer recognise myself, everything had changed. My face looked so feminine with high cheekbones, a smaller nose, and fuller lips thanks to plastic surgery. My body was now curvy, with a large round bottom thanks to my hormones. Most dramatically of all my bust was now an enormous 40DD thanks to my new implants. Even my voice had changed due to my vocal cords being shortened.

As I could see it my life was at an end, how could Ms Jones and Wayne be so cruel, what was the point of it all, all that money they must have spent, and for what! For me to be a woman, it didn’t make sense.

Well all was about to be revealed, when the following day Ms Jones told me their plans. “Your to become our little sissy helper” she giggled. “Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9till 5 you will work for me as my PA, the rest of the time you will become your ex wife’s and Wayne’s Maid. From now on you will answer to the name of Fiona and serve us without question“.

To be continued.

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