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Tina and the Stuffed Pussy

By:  Jujun

I looked at my boss in disbelief.  My brother and I have worked for Eddie for almost a year now and, while a little lewd and creepy at times, I couldnt believe he would even think about something as over the top as what he just told me.

“Tina, while you consider my offer, you should know that a couple of interesting gentleman came calling after you last night.  We had a long conversation and... Im not an expert, but it sure seems that you better find a place to hide.  A real shame with your brother finally settled into school and making friends.”

I froze and looked at the door, panicked now.  It seemed inconceivable that they could have followed us across the country to this little town in Iowa.  There was no trail that we could have left. 

Ours is really a long story but the short of it is that our parents were killed while under the “protection” of the witness protection agency.  When I was 14, my parents and I had witnessed a brutal mob style execution related to drugs and illegal weapons and our Federal “Protectors” turned out to be under the influence of the same mob organization that we were to testify against.  My younger brother managed to escape but somehow was declared as dead due to witnesses reporting seeing him when the home exploded.  I on the other hand, am known to be alive because I wasnt in the house and am now being searched for by Witness Protection, Federal Marshalls, Child Protection Services, murdering mob agents, and god only knows who else.   Based on my experience, getting found by one is as bad as getting found by another!

I looked at Eddie, now truly scared and suddenly exhausted.  “What is it youre trying to say Eddie?  I cant go back to work at Eddie Zs and I cant stay here.  Im only 16, which is too young to work in your new X rated supper club even if I wanted to consider your proposal.”

“Well Tina, the way I see it, age is only a matter of the ID you carry.  No one in town knows who you are since you dont seem to be going to school with your brother.  Seeing as how you have the tits of an 18 year old, no one is going to question your age after you start working at the new place.  Besides, this group will never think to look for you in an 18+ club since they know youre just going on 16.  Heres the deal, I give you and your brother room and board at the club outside town, we make up some fake IDs for the records, and in exchange, you help me fill the club every night by displaying your hot little body” 

I looked at Eddie with pleading eyes, “Eddie, you know me.  I work hard and try to do anything I can to help out, but I cant do what youre asking.  I dont even like the guys looking at me in the uniform you have me wear at your non-X rated diner, but I cant go on the run again.... I dont have enough money saved up after paying all of Tobys school things.”

Eddie got up and walked over to where I was still standing on trembling legs trying to think of other options to make this nightmare go away.  “Tina, youre going to be just fine.  Make no mistake, I am going to torment your hot little body in every nasty way imaginable, but well start off slow and even let you wear clothes on your first night working at The Stuffed Pussy.  Now, I have some shopping to do but why dont you pack up your things and Ill stop by your place to move you into your new apartment at 2:30.  We can pick Toby up from school on the way.  Otherwise, those gentlemen did imply something about a reward for information...”

With that he let lose with a big full handed slap on my but causing me to give a little yelp and walked out the door, self assured that I would go along with his perverse plan.  What choice did I have?

Tinas First Night

“You said youd let me wear clothes.  Thats not clothes, thats underwear!”  We had picked up Toby and moved our meager belongings to the apartment next door to The Stuffed Pussy.  Now it was 5 oclock and Eddie was standing in the kitchen of the Stuffed Pussy with a shitty grin on his face holding out my new “uniform”.  The uniform consisted of a pair of yellow bikini panties with a screen print of a fat sassy cat holding a beer mug centered over the crotch.  There was a matching yellow stretchy shirt with “Property of the Stuffed Pussy” lettered across the breast.  The shirt wasnt extremely low cut but it did have an open back with short cute sleeves and would end a couple of inches above my belly button and be a tight stretch across my breasts. 

“Im not wearing that, its worse than Hooters”

Eddie walked up to me and got right in my face.  “Tina, I am not going to explain your situation again.  The Stuffed Pussy is much more risqué than Hooters and you are The Stuffed Pussys new, 1-and-only attraction.  If you dont wear what we say, do what we say, and say what we say, we will make you. If you dont like it, you can leave and I will collect my reward.”  With that he reached out 2 figures and gave me a viscous titty twister through my bra

“Aieeeeeeeee stoooop!” I shrieked and tried trying to back away which only served to stretch out my breast and make him tighten his grip.  “Ill wear it just please let go!”

“Good” Eddie said with a smug smile and handed me the small pieces of fabric that would be my new attire for the evening.  “We will introduce you at 7:00 on the stage and after that your duties will be serving tables and taking orders the same as at Eddie Zs”.

Eddie left the back.  I quickly went into the restroom and put on the panties.  They fit snugly and left nothing to the imagination leaving me more exposed than my skimpiest swimsuit.  There was no way I could wear a bra with the top and I knew that everyone would be able to clearly seem my nipples all night which was probably my perverted boss intent. 

When I walked back into the kitchen I could feel my face burning as everyone stopped what they were doing to gawk and leer.  Eddie looked up from his conversation with his head bartender Phil and said “that will keep the boys coming back.”  If possible my face got even redder.

“Eddie, please dont make me do this, I dont know if I can do this, I, I…”  I couldnt help it, I started shaking and the tears started coming.  I had been through too much and my world had gone from safe and secure to traumatized in the space of one afternoon.  I started to sob and Eddie rushed over to me and pulled me into a close and sympathetic hug.  For a moment I thought he would relent and let me put my clothes back on but instead he said “Tina, youre my cash cow and Im going to look out for you and take care of you.  Theres going to be lots of stuff you dont like but thats what will keep bringing in the money.  In return, Ill make sure you and your brother wake up each morning fine and dandy with just some momentary discomfort and a little bruising to your pride and modesty.  Now… clean your face, fix your make-up, and hang out behind the curtain on the stage… you have 20 minutes or so to compose yourself before your big debut!”

7:00 PM

“Ladies and gentlemen; mostly gentlemen, without further ado I present to you our new waitress and star attraction Tina.”

With that the curtain opened and there I was standing in a bright spot-light, dressed like a slutty teenager ready for bed in my uniform with 20 men ranging from 21 to 65 staring at me.  I instantly turned bright red again from the top of my breasts to the tips of my ears.  I could feel my pulse pounding in my cheeks and my vision blurred.

Eddie turned and called to me “come on out and wave to all of our esteemed guests that have turned out to welcome you to the Stuffed Pussy.”  With that he took my arm and led me to the front of the stage.  “I think its time we got you to work because judging by the looks, these boys are hungry!  If you know what I mean…” 

There was a collective chuckle at my expense throughout the room and with that I was led to the floor and a small pad and pen were thrust in my hand.  Eddie gave my panty covered bum a slap/push and said “Get to work.”

I hurried over to the first table thankful to have something to do to take my mind off my state of dress.  “Good evening, my name is Tina and I will be taking care of you tonight.  Can I start you off with some drinks?”

And so the first couple of hours passed.  It wasnt so bad.  There were a couple of innuendos thrown my way and I constantly felt the burn of lewd stares directed at my ass, crotch, and boobs.  Every once in a while someone would squeeze past me and cop an accidental feel but I had some experience avoiding and redirecting the worst of this behavior from my last year waitressing at Eddie Zs.    Around 9 oclock the mood started to change.  Some of the tables were getting more forward and the comments were no longer veiled behind clever innuendos. 

Table 8 was the worst.  It was a group of 6 thirty somethings that were downing drinks at a steady pace.  “Can I get you boys another round?”

“You are one fine slut arent you” one of them slurred at me.  I went to take a step back but he corralled me with a long arm around my shoulders and pulled me back to the table.  Then he pulled me up onto his lap and said “why dont you have a seat here while we discuss whether Ive spent enough in drinks to fuck that hot little honey hole of yours or whether I have to tip you too!”

I was to surprised and stunned to speak for a moment but then I recovered and whirled around slapping him in the face as hard as I could and then flailed out of his lap ending up getting caught up in his legs on the bar stool and falling in a pile on the floor.

“Bitch!” he yelped

Eddie was there in an instant “Tina!” He scolded.  “Thats no way to treat our esteemed guest.  Bill is a regular and an extremely valued customer!”

I looked up at Eddie from the floor “he was molesting me.”

“He was just showing his appreciation and stating what we are all thinking about and that is how much wed like to stuff your slutty little pussy.  Bill, to make it up to you maybe you can help me teach Tina a lesson about how we greet guests at the Stuffed Pussy.”

With that Eddie dragged me to my feed and over to a carpet covered ceiling column just off to the side of the entrance to the club.

“Wha... where are you taking me?” I asked, worried they were going to drag me outside in my underwear and molest me.  But they stopped at the column and Eddie turned to Bill and said “think that hook will hold her”.  Bill looked at me evilly and said, “not sure what you have in mind but I would sure love to find out.”  Eddie said, “hoist her so her ass is level with the hook and youll see.” 

The hook in question was an old 2 pronged coat hook with about 5 inches between prongs and about 6 feet off the ground sticking out of the 2 foot diameter ceiling column.  Needing no further encouragement, Bill grabbed my arms, pinning them to my sides, and easily lifted my 110 lb frame up half bent over his shoulder until I felt the hook pressing into my bottom.  Then I felt Eddies hand pull my panties up giving me a hard wedgy and slipping the bunched up waste band above each of my butt cheeks over one of the prongs on the hook.

“Ok Bill, you can let her down”

Bill backed away and suddenly I was hanging by my panties.  I felt the crotch pull painfully tight into my pussy as my bikini bottoms became a thong.  I quickly lost my balance with my feet 3 feet off the ground and my head slumped forward.

"Ayaheee heeeelp!" I yelled in pain, surprise, and panic as I fell forward.

Luckily Bill caught my head and shoulders before they slammed into the pole, holding me up with a solid hand between my breasts.

“Hah!  Eddie laughed, “see you owe Bill now, he just saved you quite a headache”  “Hold on Bill, I can fix that.  Hand me her shirt

“What no” I shrieked as I flailed my legs wildly trying to get free.  “Im not wearing a bra.”

“Perfect” Bill cheered as he easily pulled my top off over my head and handed it to Eddie.  There was suddenly a loud chorus of cheers and whistles and I realized that the whole bar had surrounded the column to get a better view of my humiliating situation.

“Nice tits!”

“Shake them”

“Kind of large for a strip pole aint it?”

My C-sized breasts were now exposed and Eddie pulled my arms back around the column and then used my shirt to tie them in place.  I was on humiliating display and hung there mortified in front of the cat-calling customers.  My shoulders were pulled back by my restrained arms causing my breasts to stand out proudly.  My panties were pulled so far into my pussy that I was sure that everyone could see every detail my vagina and my ass was all but on display with my panties disappearing into my butt crack. 

“Please let me down, I didnt mean it.  Ill apologize, Ill do better.” I sobbed.  I kicked my legs weakly trying to get my panties unhooked but impossibly they held.

Then it seemed that the gathered crowd all remembered that they had cell phone cameras and the flashes and clicking started as the crowd jeered and recorded my misery.

“Tina, your job is now official Stuffed Pussy greeter.  For the rest of the night you have hostess duties and if you do a good job then you can go back to waitressing tomorrow night.”

“Hah," Bill laughed, “she is definitely suited for the job!  Look how stuffed her pussy is.  Talk about a camel toe, I dont know how those panties are holding up!”

“Man that is one fine pussy!  I would like to try a piece of that!”

“Eddie!” I pleaded.  “It hurts really bad.  You cant leave me here!”

Eddie looked up at me and I despaired at the snide look on his face.  “What hurts really bad Tina?”

I looked at him stupidly.  “What do you mean?  My panties are digging in and hurting me!”

Eddie reached up and started to trace a finger over my panty covered pussy.  I gave a little squeal and closed my legs.  Almost in unison Bill and one of his friends each grabbed one of my ankles started to spread my legs straight out going past spread eagled towards a splits.  Eddie reached back up and traced his finger back down my crotch over my little sensitive button and across my vagina.  “Does your pussy hurt.”  I thought it was impossible but now I was even more exposed with my legs spread and only a thin scrap of cloth protecting my final modesty.  I really am flexible and can do a full splits and more so spreading my legs didnt really cause my legs any pain but somehow in seemed to intensify the pain by causing my panties to pull harder into my vagina and over my clit.  This new helpless exposure spurred a new round of clicks from the amateur paparazzi surrounding me.

I twitched as Eddies finger retraced over my sensitive spots and shouted “yes damnit my pussy hurts.  Please let me down.”

“No” he said with finality.  “You have a job to do, get use to your new position.”  He winked evilly and walked away.

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