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White Family Future!

TJ Ryder

The OBEAH Tribal council in the new state of

Zululand concluded their business and was preparing for

the evening's entertainment. The all black and mostly male

audience was joking and laughing and being served drinks

as they sat in a circle of chairs around the wooden dance floor.

The Tribal chieftain wearing traditional robes smiled at tonight's

program. Javonne Williams, ex NFL superstar pointed to the picture

of one of the dancers. His buddy 'Too Tall' Cyrus Jones nodded.

"Dat's raht, chief. Ah caught dere act in what's left of

Detroit last month. She's real hot! We booked the Johnson family cuz

we know how you lahk redheads!"

The big man grinned, licking his lips, "awyeahh, another white

family huh! Somethin fo the rest of the boys too hah?"

"Well yeah, plus they can use the gig. Wer'e trying to use locals

whenever you can!"

"Good Idee!"


In the tawdry dressing room with flickering light provided by

a generator a big fat black man knocked and came in. He leered at

the buxom redhead in front of the mirror primping up her makeup,

nearly naked in her sheer belly dancer outfit. Then he looked

at the husband standing behind her fixing her long dark red locks

of hair. Then at the children, two girls and a boy, also primping up

with what they had for costumes, mostly rags sewn together.

"Johnson Family! Yo comin on last! Haw haw, you be the, haw haw,


Lois turned her head, "we'll be there!"

"Betta be, cuz yo the clean-up act, haw haw!"

After he left, Lois looked over at her children!

"Hurry up kids! Terry, not much makeup, it'll just run

when sperm or cuntcream hits it!"

The lovely teenage blonde smiled, wiping some off downy


"Yes mom!"

"And Timmy, try to stay within the circle tonight!"

Timmy groaned as he looked at himself in the mirror. Nearly naked

like his sisters, he didn't understand why he had to add lipstick

and eye gloss like they did!

"Last time wasn't my fault, mom" he lied! The circle was

supposed to be for quick service, but he knew on this first

full moon, after doing that for a while he'd want to do a bit


"No matter. Did you shave your pubic hair?"

"Yes mom!" he groaned.

She looked at Emily then and smiled. "Well at least YOU don't

have to shave your pussy yet, honey!"

"I know mom! Is it a lot of people this time? I didn't have

time to finish last week!"

"Not many, couple dozen or so! And you have to learn to

move faster!"

"I'll try!"

"Good girl!" Then she looked in the mirror and her husband.

"How about you too, honey! Is your pubic area shaved?"

'Just about going to, dear, soon as I finish your hair!"

"Oh, you'd better do it now, Jesse, my hair is good enough!"

The night was warm in the outside wooden platform, the blacks

had enjoyed the previous two acts, and now after the cheap rum

was served, most had partial hardons or wet pussies in anticipation

of the finale!

The fat manager came to the center, waving his hands

and smiled. He announced that the final act is the Dance

of the Seven Veils, starring Salome and the rest of the Johnson Family!

Starting in ten minutes.

In the tent waiting for some natives to set up the stage,

Jesse blushed as he imagined what was going to happen, as always.

"How did it ever get to this honey?"

Lois frowned, "we can't dwell on the past, Jesse, not in

front of the children!"

Timmy smiled. "We already know mom. I found an old history book

in a trashpile!"

"That's probably forbidden," she said sharply. "I hope you

threw it away!"

"I'm not stupid. But it is kind of weird. To find out that

blacks were not always our superiors! "

Lois turned to him, "Blacks are our superiors NOW! Just remember


"I know, but not all whites feel that way! Why are we different?"

Lois smiled, "why don't you explain it, dear?"

"Um, well, son, before the crash and all, your mother and I reached

an, um, understanding!"

"What?" asked Emily.

"He means I went out with black men while we were married, honey!"

"But so what? You do that now, mom. I mean we all do!"

"But, um, it wasn't really accepted by most people back then, dear!"

"Why not?"

"I can't explain it right now, dear. Just remember to do your jobs.

Does everyone have a can?" They all said yes, displaying them.

"Good, now as usual, Jesse will accompany me on the cello, and I

think probably by the fourth veil, you children can come out and begin

circling around! Don't be pushy, just hold up the can "

"C'mon, mom!" Timmy laughed, "I think we know the drill by now!"

"All right, fine!"

Jesse was still reeling from the question from his son, making him

realize what was just about to happen, but then the manager announced them.

The first full moon was a fertility dance, and these juju men and women

led their tribes and witch doctors for the next several days in an

orgy of impregnation. 

As soon as he walked out and the lights dimmed with a single spotlight

on the middle of the floor, playing a slow number as his gorgeous wife

began to dance, he could tell just by the scent in the air of all the sex

fluids ready to pop, all the pent up balls and huge black cocks and in

a couple cases, black vaginal seepage; even without the raucous crude

cheering and remarks.

   Jesse had to admit he had a hardon in his panties himself,

feeling the odd combination of drum beating and arabian music.


   Lois smiled as she danced, he knew her pussy was wet already, picking out the

chief as usual, a big black brute of a man. The chief was naked except

for a red silk loincloth, like most of the young black studs, and he

was already hard! As she gyrated, she teasingly dropped the first veil

and the bucks cheered. Now she began to work the audience, jiggling

close to the circle of chairs, smiling at each black face, arching her

butt or breasts out, moving on. She was pleased most already had hardons.

And they were mostly pretty attractive. The two black women were

kind of heavy, one bull was in his forties and already with his cock out

and his hand idly stroking it as he gave her a wink.

By the third veil, some calls were more insistent so Jesse groaned

and nodded to the tent entrance where his children waited. They came out

slowly, nearly nude, pale white under the lights, contrasting with the

big black bodies with shiny skin. Timmy and Emily circled counter clock

wise while Emily circled the other way, displaying their cans for donations

even though their eyes were looking at their bodies. They made one complete

circle, occasionally talking to the audience. Timmy looked over at

his mom, smiling as the anticipation of her fourth veil finally came off,

and her gorgeous body now reflected the light. The music increasing

the tempo now, and he knew it would start soon. Terry got grabbed first

as usual, put on a lap, a big black hand squeezing her breasts. After

he walked past the second time she was on her knees between his huge legs,

while the black man besides them had a hand on her bottom.

Emily, being smaller, was standing between the heavy middle aged

black man, as he cupped each firm butt cheek in her thong and french

kissed her, her can now on the ground. Oh brother, he groaned, now Iv'e

got a hardon in a tiny thong lace bikini bottom. Pausing as he watched

his gorgeous mother slip another veil off, he turned and saw Terry

getting off her knees, licking her lips, and thanking the man when he

dropped a coin into her can.

'Wait a minit boy!" he heard and smiled a the big black scarred face!

Then he looked down at the huge drooling black knob and the swollen black


"Yes sir?" he smiled.

Twenty minutes later he had two spermloads in his empty stomach and

a few coins jingling his can, and passed his youngest sister Emily, still

sitting on the fat man's lap as he hogged her time. Her top was on the

ground and he was pinching each nipple enough to make her squirm.

His mom dropped her sixth veil with some cheering and by this time the

tribal chief had made her stand almost in front of him to continue

the dance so she was playing up to him.


He smiled at the fat man pawing his sister, "Can I help you, sir?"

"Go away, boy!"

"Yes sir!"

After the seventh veil came off, his mom and pop smiled and bowed

graciously to the audience amidst cheering, and with a signal,

his mom went over to sit with the chief. Jesse groaned now as

he put down his cello. Now without the musical instrument, he

had to act just like his children, and picked up his own can and

walked around the circle, almost naked in a lace thong bikini.

Soon he was kneeling before two huge black thighs and sucking a

giant black cock coincidentally right besides Terry doing the same

thing but to a fat black woman.


Timmy smiled as he rose up, brushing off his knees as he licked

his lips.

"Thank you, master!" to the sweaty young black face, and he

reluctantly put a coin into the can. The next black man who

grabbed his wrist as he walked by was a little older.

"Hey boy, ah want to fuck dat sweet butt instead of a suck!"

Timmy smiled, looking at his giant seeping organ, "I have to

wait until mom goes off with the chief. I promised to stay inside

the circle!" He was not happy, but that was the rule, and Timmy

felt he needed that stiff black cock inside him. Then he saw his

father walk by, a strand of negroe sperm running from his lip.

He knew he wasn't happy. Nobody was making much money; he could

tell by the jingling in the cans.

"Looks like we need a crowd pleaser!" he said in a low voice.

"You don't have to, dad! We can get by!"

"No, I already caught the look from your mother!" he sighed.

He shuddered at the idea, but it was his duty! So he walked

over to the fat black man who held Emily on his lap, and spoke to

him. At first the black man was angry, then he smiled arrogantly

and released the girl, as his father bowed submissively to thank

him. The black man stood up then, his big belly with his hardon

underneath waving obscenely and signalled the manager, who

came running over, and they talked for a bit.

Soon the manager reached for the microphone.

"Bruthas and Sistahs, we have another act for your amusement

tonight. In exchange for a personal service from the ruling class,

a member of the Johnson family is going to accept a whipping!"

The audience cheered at that. Timmy looked at the faces. They

loved to see a white person whipped. Soon the whipping cross was

set up as two big black bulls held his naked father by each arm, as he

looked so small and frail compared to their giant black bodies.

Soon, with the spotlight on his white body, he had his wrists

and ankles tied to the rack, and a giant black bull stood back

with a long thin whip. Timmy sighed, it had only been a week

since the last one. Soon it will be his turn to take his place

on the rack for the amusement of the ruling class, he shivered.

He looked over, seeing Terry looking over her shoulder as she

was on her knees between a fat black woman's thighs.

Emily was standing and watching, and he looked up at the raised

platform where the tribal chiefs sat, he saw his nearly nude

mother sitting on the chief's lap, both smiling. He thought

they were about to leave to go to his tent before this incident

occurred and now they were staying to watch. The first whipcrack

followed by Jesse's scream startled him, and he looked to see

the red weal from shoulder to hip begin to ooze blood droplets.

A cheer went up! The next whip crack brought out another scream

as the audience delighted in the sound and the writhing twisting

naked and helpless white man under the black man's whip.

'I wonder how many he'll get this time', he wondered. It's

usually only a dozen or so. As he continued to scream he looked

and saw his mother smiling at the sight as the chief fondled her

charms. Oh yeah, this is definitely going to inspire the crowd

to another round of creaming.

Jesse screamed and begged, pleaded and writhed, twisted

and turned as he was mercilessly whipped, as all three of his

children were now on their knees taking advantage of the effect it

was having on the black masters. Finally, a pail of water was thrown

over his sweating bleeding body and he was cut down. Tiredly,

he groaned and pushed himself up on his elbows, shaking water and

sweat droplets from his flushed face, and looked around for his

can. Then he noticed his wife and the chief rising no doubt to

retire to their tent. His hand on her hip as she turned and motioned

him over.

He approached submissively, standing six feet away and bowing,

getting a grin as the chief saw his striped back.

"Honey," Lois smiled, "keep an eye on Timmy will you? And we'll

signal you later!" She smiled as she squeezed the brawny black arm

brushed his chest with her breast. "Javonne likes to have the white

husband do clean up for us afterwards!"

Seeing the arrogant grin of the chief, he blushed, nodding.

"Yes ma'am!"

After they turned, he walked, still aching, to the circle, seeing

a lot of black cock ready.

'Haw haw," a young teenage black male smiled, as Timmy knelt before

him. "Bend down and kiss mah feet, white boy. Ah lahk seein those stripes

on yo back!"

"Kiss, mmmm, yes sir!"

An hour later, he was working through the circle, passing each of

his kids, except Emily, who was once again sitting on that fat black man's

lap, her small hand fondling his cock knob, and in between kisses, she

put a finger on the slit, catching a droplet of precum and putting it up

to her lips and licking it.

He was going to just walk on by when the man smiled. "Hey boy! Cmere!"

"Yes sir!"

"Ah gots an idee. Kneel down dere. You got a hungry cute lil nigga lover

heah boy, but she can't get her lil mouf ovah mah cock!"

'Yes, I can see that sir!"

"But ah think a pussy stretch mo dan a mouf, so ah want yo to help!"

He groaned, that cock was awfully big, and Emily looked a little scared.

But there was nothing he could do. A refusal would be another whipping, and

he couldn't take another one until his back healed.

'C'mon, honey!' he urged, cupping her bare butt cheeks, as he lifted her

up over the seeping rigid black pole.

"Oooh, I don't know, daddy... Iv'e already tried twice!"

"I know, but I'm going to help this time. Just relax, let daddy help

you!" He cupped her bottom, under her cunt, and spread her pussy, and

lowered it on the knob, getting precum juice all over her pussy now,

and she began to work it, squeezing, moaning, softly crying, but soon

he pulled her down and she screamed, bleeding a little, but finally the

knob slipped in. Sweating and red faced, she moaned, panting.

The black man leaned back, smiling, "Awyeahhh, nothin lahk tight

young white pussy is it? Slide down now, honeychile!"

"Ooooh daddy, he's still soo big!"

"It's okay honey, just relax all your muscles, squeeze and relax,

and just start sliding down! After a few inches, she took a breath

and squeezed, her face red, and the cries of pain gradually changed to


"Just think honey," he smiled, hefting the man's huge hung heavy

balls, "think what a big load you'll be getting soon!"

"Mmmm..oooohhh yesss, oooh daddy, it still hurts, but it hurts good ooooh!"

Three chairs away Timmy was on his knees and looked over and smiled

as the big man tilted his chin back to face his seeping cock.

"Ah needs to piss befo ah can cum, boy. You got no problem wif dat


Timmy smiled and held up his can, and the man shook his head and

frowned and reached into a pocket for a coin.

Two hours later, a smiling Lois emerged from the chief's tent feeling

so fulfilled and satisfied, followed by her husband Jesse, whose face was

flushed not only by cleaning his wife's pussy and butt of her copious

spermloads but tongue washing the chief's cock, balls and anus submissively

and then thanking him for his patronage. She looked around and saw the stage

and all the chairs empty except for her two daughters. Emily still was

absently holding her sore crotch with one hand, and Terry idly twirling

her blonde hair. Both rose when they saw their parents approach.

"Did you gather up all the equipment and clothes?" Terry said yes.

"Good, how did we do, honey?"

Jesse shrugged, "not too bad. I don't know where Timmy is though!"

"Oooh my, we'll have to put some ointment on your back. Terry," she

said, "go find your brother and tell him we have to leave now!"

Timmy was laying under the giant black body in his tent, over a rug

just thrown over the sand, the man's semi flaccid but still huge cock

half buried in his stretched butt.

Hearing his sister's call as she walked around the tents he stirred,

feeling the weight big man partially pinning him.

"Bongo! I have to go!"  The giant rolled off reluctantly and Timmy

groaned, clenching his butt cheeks and anus to prevent his spermload

from running out.  He knew when he stood up or he would just pour

it all out on top of the black chief's rug, so he gingerly

walked out the tent flap with his thumb in his anus only to see the

amused expression of his oldest sister, Terry.  She smiled

with a hand on her hip, shaking her head.

   "Mom's going to be pissed again!"

   "Give me a break will you, got a butt plug or something?"

   "I shouldn't even help you," she sighed but did open a little burlap sack

she used as a purse.  He saw it had been used but inserted it anyway,

sighing as he was able to walk a little easier.  Only a few drops

leaked out he felt running down the back of his thighs.

   When he walked back stiffly back to see his family

waiting, well, Emily was squatting over his dad's face while his mom

watched, and she frowned when she saw him and more when she saw the

way he was walking.

   "There you are, late again, and you didn't stay in the circle!"

   "Sorry mom, he was a big time juju man.  I didn't think it was

proper to refuse him!"

   "Probably wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't wagged your butt

in front of him!"  He tried to look innocent but Lois didn't buy it! 

   Little Emily sighed with pleasure as she rose off her father's

soaked face, having cum one last time, as he licked his lips.

   "Thank you daddy," she smiled a little smugly

   He looked up at his wife's angry face and saw Timmy trying to

look contrite.

   "And you," she said, "he's your son, you should have watched


   "S-sorry, honey, b-but..."  he couldn't watch him because he'd

been inside the chief's tent cleaning up after her but there was

no point in mentioning it.

   Emily spoke up,  "Mom, don't be so hard!  Daddy showed me

how to slide down my biggest black cock ever tonight.  And it was

sooo good!"

   "Well, " Lois said, "Timmy, you look down at your father's

big blue balls!  Those are the kind of balls our rulers like

to see on a white male.  You look like you got off again!"

   He tried to deny it but it wasn't possible.  When the first spray

of that giant black cock splashed his insides like a hose he

spurted and they all knew it.

   "Hmmm!" Lois said, looking at the accumulated coins they

earned, "not too bad, I suppose.  Still not quite enough for all of us

to eat.  So you boys will have to spermswap each other again and maybe

that will teach you something!"

   Terry smiled, loving to see them do that but Emily protested.

   "Mom, your'e being unfair.  You said yourself Timmy got off already!"

   "That's not my fault!"

   Terry giggled.  "Don't worry, mom.  I know where my brother has

a nice hot load because it's running down his leg!"

   Lois smiled,  "I agree darling.  Don't bother to get up, dear,"

she said down to her husband,  "Timmy, go ahead and take your sister's

place over his mouth.  And make a good seal, honey.  You know on

a full moon it's a capital offense to waste negroe sperm!"

   "But. but..." he sputtered, seeing Timmy straddle his head and squat

his hand on the plug ready to pull it out as he lowered his butt.

   "People will see me, not here, let's not do it here,no, no...!"

    The girls giggled as Timmy released a thick warm torrent of groady

negroe sperm into his open mouth!


   blink blink His eyes blinked as he heard the giggle,

"Jesse did you hear me?  Have you sucked my panties clean yet?"

Lois' voice.

   He realized he'd been day dreaming, his hands were twirling a

washcloth over her glistening back in the huge bathtub.

   "Oh, um, sorry, honey!" That was the taste in his mouth, her

used panties over his head with the crotch over his mouth, making

his inflated unrelieved testicles ached more with every taste.

   She giggled, "youv'e been sucking those panties, they should be

clean by now!"

   He dragged his tongue over the crotch, inhaling the scent, and

he could barely detect their black master's sperm and her own cuntcream!

   "Pretty much clean, dear, can I take them off?" he asked hopefully.

   "No, you simply can't help from kissing my back and neck when you

wash me so I put them on to stop you!"

   "B-but, I can't help it, darling.  Your'e so gorgeous, and I haven't

had a good release in such a long...!"



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